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"I'M SO hungry," Carmen yawns, hugging herself.

"We all are," Jace kicks at a rock on the asphalt.

On the school grounds, there weren't many lurkers. In the distance, there were a few wandering around in military uniform. However, I just want to know where most of the students are?

We had taken weapons from soldiers who had turned and were killed.

"Wait!" Jace freezes. "Hold up!"

"What?" I stare at him, my heart pounding.

He looks at me intently.

I gulp.

Then a sly smirk develops on his face.

"I gotta take a piss," he pulls down his zipper and heads to the sycamore tree across from us.

Really? I roll my eyes, relaxing my grip on the gun.

"Same here," Brayson joins him.

I exhale frustratedly, facing the girls. "You three fine or do you needa go?"

Amber scoffs and Ella finds it amusing for some reason.

"We're fine, Dean," she gives me a small smile.

"Actually..." Carmen thinks for a second. "I needa go. Don't look." She flips her platinum hair over her shoulder and walks to a bush nearby.

Jesus Christ..


The school canteen had already been half-rummaged out. With pretty much whatever was left, we started stuffing the insides of our backpacks; pies, chips, sandwiches, water.

"Jeez, haven't they heard of sharing?" Brayson crouches and picks up scraps before dropping it.

"We all gonna turn into scavengers sooner or later," Jace states.

"Just grab what's left," I say.

The night is dimming very briskly. It's silent, dead silent. The type of silence where you know...where you can sense something chilling's gonna happen. We can hear the rustling of leaves and the distant empty coke cans rolling around, thick branches of trees swing about - replicating the sounds of powerful ocean waves.

Subconsciously, we stop and gaze out the opened roller shutters. The air coming through is electrifying. Formation of goosebumps develop up and down my exposed arms and the lenient breeze ruffles through our hair. It's just gloomy...melancholic, a sense of nostalgia hidden somewhere in-between.

In a trice, a lightning bolt strikes. A deep purple-blue colour...violety-concentrated. Strikingly beautiful and strikingly dangerous all at once. Another one happens, it's intensity is even more vivid. I fear the third one.

"Guys c'mon," Ella breaks the trance, "looks like one hellacious storm's about to hit."

After finishing with a a lot faster pace, we zip up our backpacks and head for the gates. Brayson hops on one end of the huge black gates and swings along with it as it sways open.

We're outta the driveway and onto the street. I breathe in and out calmly, glancing at Ella as she shyly glances away.

When we round the first corner of the street, we arrive at a standstill. It's the early hours of the morning but the bright light of the moon is enough to see it all.

Everything, and I mean, everything is deserted. Ruins everywhere. Windows bashed in, cars on fire, doors with the Cross nailed upside down, papers stapled to trees with 'Christ has left us' written on them and the road is broken in huge veiny-cracks like an earthquake had hit. The military sure did quite a number out here.

"Jesus Christ," Jace observes, "what in the world happened out here?"

"World War 3," Brayson expresses quietly.


I cover my ears, dropping my weapon.


I fall to the ground, screaming.


I strain to keep my eyes open.

The sound of unknown bangs grows louder and louder. Sounding like someone is slamming themselves into a metal shutter repeatedly, except it looks like I'm the only one affected by it. The rest seem to be staring at something in the distance. Between my blinks, I follow their line of sight.

I see it.

So many of them.


Just as I'm about to past out, my eyes catch onto something...someone. My heart shatters into a million tiny fragments, anomalies bursting everywhere. I never imagined in my life that I would ever witness something like this with my own two eyes; as if the lurkers weren't enough to mess up my sanity. I try so hard to keep them open, to make sure that what I'm actually seeing is actually there. To even believe it is there.

Right at the front of the herd of lurkers, is my, "...Mum?"

They had never evacuated.

Then I blackout.

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