~Sarah's POV~

A hushed and light-hearted purr woke me up. Mischief had been licking my face to wake me up for the day, I push him off and give his head a rub before changing.

Coming out my nose meets a delious smell. Ty's in the kitchen, making breakfast. I give him a hug from behind to tell him I woke up.

"Oh, nice to see you up." He says in response to my hug, I smile and sit at the table and eagerly wait for my breakfast.

Ty comes in a few minutes later but as soon as he puts it down he looks in shock "Fuck, I have work." he mumbles to himself, going into his and Adam's room to get dressed. Halfway through my pancake he gives me a hug and leaves for work for the day.

Giving him a wave goodbye I finish up and go into Adam's bedroom to disturb his sleep.

I sit on him and he mumbles, groans and streches. Against my will I am pulled into the blanket trap, surrounded by comfortor and Adam.

"Hey!" I protest but he laughs it off and lets me go. I fix my now messy hair and go back into the living room.

Not dicovering anything to do, I go into my room. I scan over the books on my bookshelf and one catches my eyes. It has a simple blue cover, nothing special, but I don't reconize it, It's title is in pen and it says "Diary -Adam" in the lower corner.

Adam has a diary? Um, Okay. I don't judge but this is interesting. Should I really read it?

...Yes. Of course I read it. Who doesn't in stories? Honestly?

Flipping through the various pages, I notice something. I slowly progresses in interesting-ness. Getting more and more interesting as the pages go on. The first couple pages are lame like "I lost a tooth" (how long has this been here?) and "Going to KFC for dinner."

But it slowly progresses to "I don't even know what I am anymore..."

But one, single page, catches my eye. "I think I'm gay." On the lower half of the page there are hearts covering it. God. Adam's girly.

...Wait. In the hearts are little words. "Ty."

Hehehehe. My grin widens from ear to ear. I knew it, this is so cheesy but I knew it. They were meant for eachother. I cover my face with my hands to avoid squealing and close the book. I don't wanna invade his privacy anymore.

I emerge from my abode, AKA my room, and Adam's watching TV in the living room. I put on a straight face and come out to join him, "Hey." I mumble. He smiles and asks "Want to watch anything?" as he hands me the remote.

I put on my cartoons and sit back to relax for what little remains of summer.

I realize now that Adam was a little freaking charmer, no matter what gender. He's got both swooning.




....I really don't have anything to write.



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