Chapter 3- "Fate...? part 1"

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"Demitrey what are you talking about? Aren't we mates? This is a joke right?" I asked exasperated, hoping just hoping that he was joking.
"That's sir to you!" He said his voice suddenly darker, his accent a bit thicker, " and I don't have a mate." He said, and my heart stopped.

*Adelina's pnt. of view*

After Alpha Demitrey announced his rules, the drive to his pack became unbearable.

I was confused, and I had so many questions, but no matter what I say seem to receive the deaf ear.

The drive was long and boring, and when I turned on the radio for some type of entertainment, he turned it off without uttering a word.

Throughout the ride I became thirsty and hungry, and my bladder felt as though it would explode, yet I had to keep quiet, afraid of the man that was sitting next to me.

Demitrey seemed to be deep in thought as he drove on and on. He seemed to be thinking of something disturbing for his eyes were very dark, his knuckles where white as he gripped the steering wheel in a death grip, and he never spared me not one glance.

So, I figured the best thing for me to do is to go to sleep, so that's what I did.

But it didn't last very long for soon I was being shaken awake by a girl that I have never seen before.

"Excuse me? Miss, please you must wake up now." Came her quiet voice as she gently shook my arm.
"I'm awake, I'm awake." I said slightly annoyed that someone would disturb my sleep, but then I suddenly became aware of my unknown surroundings, and I didn't waste a second before demanding "wait where am I? Who are you?"
"You've arrived at the red moon pack. My name is Cilia, I am your assigned maid and or helper. If you need anything you call me." The girl, I mean Cilia smiled kindly.
"Um thank you...?" I said although it sounded like a question.
Cilia giggled as she said "you're welc-"
"I would love to enter my home today Cilia." Came Demitrey's cold and dominating voice, as he interrupted Cilia.
"Uh y-yes s-sir!" Came Cilia's instant yet nervous stutter of a reply, then she turned to me still wide-eyed from the alpha's demand as she says "Come now, we must go. The master doesn't like to be kept waiting."

At her words, her gentle touch became urgent, as she practically hauled me out of the car.

She then with rushed footsteps, hurried me to fall behind Demitrey's sauntering form, as we made our way to his home.

Wait! No not home, I meant a FREAKING CASTLE.

The estate was huge. With a grand yard that seem to be created to perfection. The grass seem jubilant green, the various colors of flowers blending perfectly with it.

We arrived midday, so the sun shone perfectly as graceful butterflies flew around the roses, and buzzing bees danced from flower to flower. The walkways were made out of beige gravel that gave a satisfying crunch with every step you took, and multiple fountains that were randomly spread out throughout the spewed out water into the air.

The entire scenery was enticing, and it was perfectly created to match the off white color of the outside of the castle.

When we finally reached the building, we climbed up a few stairs until we made it to a grand double door.

There Demitrey stopped, and Cilia instantly pulled me to a halt, a few feet away from Demitrey, he turned and faced me, and for the first time in hours he finally made eye contact with me.

His glare was so strong, it oozed power and domination, and it was hard for me to keep it, so I shifted my gaze and looked anywhere but him.
"Look at me when I am addressing you." He commanded as my eyes absent-mindedly abide to his rule.

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