Chapter 4- "Say what?"

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I couldn't believe it, my mate made me cry more than once in one day. He hated me, yet he teased me, just to leave me in tears. 

Was this truly my fate? Crying because of a mate? Rejection? Hurt and pain?

Was this truly my fate?

*Adelina's pnt. Of view*

That afternoon, I layed in bed until Cilia came to serve my dinner.

At first it was quiet but soon enough Cilia and I started chatting, and we quickly formed a friendship.

I found out that Cilia is also 20 years old, and she has yet to find her mate. She was taken in by Demitrey after her pack was attacked by rogues, and the only way she can repay her gratitude is by serving in his household.

I also found out that she is very shy, well when she's not familiar with you, but once you get to know her, she's a bundle of surprise.

To be honest, I'm actually surprised that she doesn't  have a mate, I mean the girl is gorgeous.

She has wild bouncy blonde curls that stop at the base of her neck, and bright baby blue eyes to match it. She's a few feet taller than me, and she is a sight to see.

Anyway, after spending a good amount time speaking with Cilia, unfortunately she had to go, so I once again found myself alone, and it didn't take long for my thoughts to drift towards the handsome asshole who seem to occupy a good amount of my brain cells.

Like he is just so... hotitating , hot yet irritating. Yes people, I made up a new word for the beautiful bastard that is my destined mate, yet doesn't want me as his.

Soon enough though, I found myself drifting off to sleep, however in the middle of the night, I could've sworn I felt something wrap around my waist, were tingles instantly came alive. But I blame it on my dreams, for the next morning when I woke up, my body was the only thing occupying the bed.

It didn't take long for me to get accommodated with the pack. Cilia was ordered to show me around, and over the days I've spent here, I've already made so many friends.

Everyone seemed to have warmed up to me except for two people, Serena and of course yours truly, Demitrey.

With Serena, I believe her jealousy is the main thing that causes her to hate me. I mean I've only been here's for about a week, and I've already made so much more friends than her. Not only so, no one speaks to her, they avoid her like the plague, and I know why.

She's a total bitch.

Simple explanation.

As far as Demitrey goes, I haven't seen him since the day I've arrived, and I couldn't help but feel sad. I mean yeah he silently rejected me, but shoot, he's my mate, I cannot not miss him.

I had a feeling he was avoiding me, because during breakfast, he's not present, during dinner he's not present. Whenever I ask Cilia, she says he's either in his office, or training with the pack's army.

I wanted to see him so bad, and call me an idiot but shoot, I still missed him, it just bothered me to be so far away from him, it just felt wrong, so I made up an excuse to see him.

Cilia led me to his office, and there I knocked on the door, and patiently waited, as my heart beat sped up, by the seconds.

After a few seconds with no reply, I knocked again, and this time my ears registered a gruff "come in." From the other side of the door.

I placed my hand on the door knob, and breathed out a shaky breath, then I made my entrance.

When I walked in, I quickly turned to close the door in order to avoid eye contact with him, which spared me a second to get my wits together.

When I managed to turn around, our eyes instantly connected, and I quickly found myself double guessing my decision to come here.

"May I help you?" Came his deep voice, and I would've instantly been turned on, if it wasn't for the irritating tone that was laced in his voice.
"Um, well yes, you see here's the thing, um I- I was th- th- thinking th- that maybe, I could um, I could-"
"Okay, first and foremost, when you are addressing me, you will look at me, second, stop with the stuttering and speak clearly." He cut off my rambling, as he reprimanded my actions.

I took a deep breath then, wriggled thumbs with one another, as my palms became sweaty, then I released it as I said " okay, so I have been here for the past few days, and I was wondering if it was okay for me to train with the females in the army, since I have nothing to do."
"No." Was his curt reply.
"What? Why not?" I asked actually surprised, not that I wanted to be with the female warriors though, since I was just using it as an excuse to see him, but his refusal caught me off guard.
"Because I said so. Now if that was the matter you wanted to address, it's been taken care of. Please see yourself out." He dismissed me with a cold glare.
"Okay, can I at least get a job?" I asked, hurt that he wanted to get rid of me so quick.
"Where?" He asked, suddenly interested.
"Um, the pack clinic, I've had experience as a nurse in my old pack... So so I could take care of paperwork, and tend to the patients and stuff."
"Patients huh? Does this mean taking care of my men if they get hurt during a battle, or even training?" He asked me, his eyes suddenly becoming dark as night.
"Uh, sure. I can also help take care of the women and children." I added, not sure why he questioned me in the first place.
" oh so, you're willing to get close and personal with the patients, to tend to their needs right? Including my men?" He questioned again, a sudden anger taking toll on his voice.
"I mean yes, I could, if its necessary. I-"

In the next split second, using his super speed, I found Demitrey slamming me against the door, as his hand clasped around my shoulders, cutting me off.

He soft lips brushed against my cheeks as he gruffly whispered "you think I'm going to allow you to be around my men? Especially as a care taker?"
"I- I D- don't I- "
"You nothing! You want a job? Fine, you're gonna have a job, a job as my personal maid." He declared, his grip tightening around my shoulders as he added "understood?"
"Yes..." I whispered, although my mind was screaming out say whaaaat?
"Yes what?"
"Yes sir." I submitted, and I could've sworn I felt something poke my thigh at that exact moment.

But I didn't have time to ponder on what it could be, for Demitrey in a flash removed his hand, just for him to fully turn my back on the door, and  hold my hands captive above my head with one of his own.

And can't lie, it was getting hot, or maybe it was just me.

Then he leaned his face down, until his lips were at the crook of my neck, and I became aware of the billions of tingles that traveled my entire being.

He puckered his lips into a soft kiss, and my breath got caught in my throat. My heart started running, ready to leap out of my chest, and he landed another soft kiss on the same spot, causing me to shiver under his powerful form, and like deja vu, he moved back, then with one deadly glare he said "get out."

And I couldn't agree with him more, as my feet quickly escorted me out of the office, yet my heart didn't calm down until I was safely stowed in my room.


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