Chapter 1- "Married..."

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*Third person's pnt. of view*

Adelina stood frozen, staring in fear as the event unfolded before her eyes.

One second her father's pack was fighting off rogues, the next she was being handed over to the alpha of the red moon pack in marriage.

Her parents explained that it was for the best and that she would be safe, but she wasn't sure why she had to be the one to be wed to this man.

I mean she had older sisters who had yet to be mated and would jump at the opportunity, so why her?

She wanted to have a word in the matter, she wanted to voice her opinion, but most importantly she didn't want get married to someone that wasn't her mate.

Eversince she was little she learned that mates were your other half, they complete you.

Mates were made to fulfill your happiness in so many different ways, they made you whole mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

So it just wasn't fair for her to be married off to an alpha just because her parents wanted to assure the safety of their pack.

But then again it made sense that her parents wanted to do away with her since they actually never wanted her, and she was claimed to be a mistake.

Her parents originally wanted 4 children, but when her mother fell pregnant with her after becoming Luna of the silent moon pack, her parents had no other choice but to keep her, because their image to the pack was important.

This did not mean that her parents didn't try to get rid of her secretly, but their plans usually had a mishap, but this time it seems as though their plan would finally work.

At her thoughts Adelina was snapped back to reality when her father's booming laughter shook her mind as he said "it was a pleasure settling this treaty with you alpha Demitrey. I'm sure Adelina will own up to her position and fulfill your needs as you see fit." At his words, her father's eyes glared her way, sending a secret warning.
"Of course, I hope she does." Spoke Alpha Demitrey in a very domineering and intimidating tone, which caused fearful tremors to ravage Adelina's entire being.
"I will send for her after I've made a few arrangements, tell her to be ready by tomorrow afternoon. My driver will be here exactly at 4:00 PM." Added the alpha, speaking as though Adelina wasn't in the room.
"Understood. Until next time Demitrey." Her father spoke up.
"Likewise." Demitrey responded curtly, then he turned and headed for the door not even sparing Adelina a glance.

*Adelina's pnt. Of view*

I stared at the closed doors in which Demitrey just departed from.

I still couldn't believe what just took place, my father just gave me up so that he could protect his pathetic pack.

By the sudden goosebumps that rose on my skin, I was able to determine that my father was suddenly closed behind me.

He was always too close for my comfort.

I felt his hand on my shoulder as he whispered in my ear "you my dear are going to make me a lot of money and you are going to assure my security. So you better be a good little slut like I know you are, and you better be a good girl, follow all the rules, and do everything that Demitrey says." With that he turned and left.

I wasn't sure how to react to his words, I mean they no longer hurt my feelings because I'm used to his degrading tone towards me, however what he said about following the rules and doing everything that Demitrey said did strike fear deep within me.

Alpha Demitrey was already intimidating. The mere mention of him caused everyone to be on alert, not to mention his presence.

He had the looks as though he was sculpted by the Gods.

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