Introducing Empatha

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Empatha stood in her kitchen, looking into her deep fryer, which was packed with catfish nuggets. The bubbling oil's steam hit her face as well as the aroma. She removed the fish and placed it on a napkin covered plate next to a bowl of creamy cole slaw she had prepared. Empatha scooped a spoonful of the slaw onto her plate along with a handful of the catfish. She loved to cook and to eat, for that matter, and her healthy figure showed that. A steaming hot butter roll fresh from the oven, and her plate was complete. Empatha poured herself some iced tea and grabbed a bottle of hot sauce and sat at her table to eat.
After blessing her food, she grabbed a piece of catfish and brought it to her mouth, savoring the flavor. Her mind wandered to her dinner date the other night. Julian seemed like a nice guy, and he was tall and cute, but he just didn't float her boat. She hadn't felt like staying in the house, so she accepted his invitation to dinner, hoping that maybe she'd see something in him that would change her mind about him. Julian had never been shy about his attraction to her, and he was a gentleman, but Empatha liked another type of man. She was looking for that someone who would sweep her off her feet and blow her mind.
Julian had brought her to Copeland's in an attempt to impress her and maybe get a little nookie for his troubles. Empatha ordered the Cajun Popcorn and the Crabmeat Ravioli, and sipped on her glass of wine while Julian talked. She really didn't want to be here with him, but she tried her best to make good of the situation. When a cute waitress passed and Julian stared at her backside, Empatha didn't mind. She swallowed her wine and asked for a dessert menu. The Red Velvet cheesecake and Cafe Au Lait were calling her, and she was definitely answering.
When Julian drove her home that night, she politely kissed the side of his face and said goodnight. The look on his face spoke volumes, and she began to feel bad. "You wanna come inside?", she asked, surprising him and herself. Julian nodded his head eagerly, and they went inside of her trailer.
Once inside, Empatha took off her shoes and told him to make himself comfortable. Julian sat on her love seat and asked, " You smoke?" Empatha smiled at him then, and said, "Yes, I do!" Julian was taken back by her smile. "You are a beautiful woman, Empatha.", said Julian. Empatha smiled at him once again, then walked past her little Christmas tree to her bar, and pulled out two crystal glasses. "Would you like a drink?", she asked. Julian couldn't believe his luck. " Sure", he said as he passed his tongue seductively across the skin of the blunt he was rolling. Empatha poured gin in both of the glasses, then added a splash of pineapple juice. She would drink "light" tonight.
Empatha walked over and handed Julian the drink. He thanked her as he watched her backside as she sauntered over to her stereo and pressed play. The beautiful melodies of Jill Scott filled the living room. She sat down next to Julian and took a sip of her drink. Julian lit the blunt and toked it, then passed it to her. Empatha's love for weed became known as she made love to the blunt, turning Julian on. He watched as Empatha became more alive with the smoke. She passed it back to him, well-seasoned and ready. Julian was a giant of a man sitting next to her, but their close proximities was beginning to start something between them. He was secretly enjoying her feel, and couldn't help but stare at the view of her bosom.
They finished the blunt and their drinks, listening to the sultry music. Empatha could feel his want for her and it turned her on. Julian brought his hand to her thigh and rubbed it. She looked at him, laughter in her smile. "Just what do you think you're doing, Mr. Julian?", she teased. Julian realized the jest in her question, then said, " Hopefully what you want me to!" Empatha laughed then, and Julian's hand found her round bottom. She kissed him then, the scent of his cologne turning her on. He wasn't that bad after all, she thought, and began to allow herself to enjoy their kisses. The exchange of tongues was getting so intense, Julian was soon planting kisses on her neck and down her bosom, its plushness pillowing his face.
Empatha stood, taking Julian by the hand and led him to her bedroom. Julian's desire for her was evident as she could see the bulge in his pants. He hurriedly undressed himself when he saw Empatha doing the same thing. Her full figure beckoned to him, and he wanted to know nothing but how she felt inside. Empatha laid on her bed, then quickly opened her drawer and pulled out a condom, handing it to him. Julian dove onto her, kissing her lips then kissing what he really wanted, her huge breasts. Empatha's head went back in ecstacy , as his tribute felt good. Julian lowered himself and kissed between her legs, loving her taste. When he could take no more, he slid on the condom and said, "Good thing it's a Magnum!", and eased himself into her depths.
Empatha ran her fingers through the mass of his dreadlocks as Julian pumped into her, and she had to admit how good he felt in her. She wrapped her legs around him and held him as their movements intensified, bringing them both to climax. Julian couldn't believe this was happening. He stayed buried in Empatha's garden, taking in the scent of her perfumed bosom.
After he got dressed, Julian looked at her and said, " You are an amazing woman, Empatha. I hope we can do this again soon." Empatha smiled at him, gave him a quick kiss, then said goodnight, closing the door behind him. Julian seemed peaceful as he drove away. Empatha stood in her shower and let the deliciously warm water take her away.
Empatha finished her meal of catfish and cole slaw and washed her dishes. She cooked down at the homeless shelter and was due for the dinner shift, so she finished getting ready, patting her huge natural style, then headed out to her Lincoln. The trailer park she lived in was always bustling with people, and as she pulled out, her neighbor Tathana was sitting out on a lawn chair, smoking a cigarette. "Hey girl!", she yelled at Empatha as she passed. Empatha slowed her car and put the window down. " Hey, sis! Going to work!", she replied. "Girl, I was about to ask if you wanted to step tonight! We going to that new club them Haitians running! It's going to be turnt up! You should come!", said Tathana. Empatha laughed then said, " Okay! I'll be back by 9:00." Tathana smiled big then said, "We'll have plenty of time! Alright girl!! I'll see you then!" Empatha laughed and shook her head as she drove away. That damned Tathana!, she thought.
The St. Joseph's Diner was empty when Empatha arrived, save for the few other people who worked there. She quickly got ready and began her prepping. As she put a pan of macaroni and cheese into the oven, she noticed a young man coming towards her that she hadn't seen before. He was tall and light-skinned, and his muscles bulged out from the sleeves of his shirt. He cast her a smile as he walked up to her and said, "Hi! You must be the head cook! My name is Tyler and I'll be working with you in the kitchen from now on!" Empatha shook his proffered hand and took all of him in. Tyler was a cutie, with long, dark eyelashes that went on for days. He noticed how she looked at him and smiled, saying, "It was nice to meet you! I better get started. Let me know what I can do for you." Empatha looked at his frame as he walked away towards the dish station, then smiled to herself. Damn, that boy was fine!
Empatha busied herself preparing the rest of the food. In no time, pans of delicious baked macaroni, rice dressing, green beans, and rolls sat on the steamers next to the huge baskets of fried chicken. The dinner crowd had already lined up, and Empatha knew the people were hungry, so she immediately put everything in place. Tyler ran to her side and grabbed the rolls and set them down, smiling at her, stopping her breath. She walked passed him and set out the paper cups they used for the drinks and began to fill as many as she could. "Here, let me help you with that", said Tyler as he poured fruit punch into cups.
" Thank you", said Empatha, speaking to him for the first time.
" Ah, she speaks!", he teased. Empatha smiled and shook her head as she bustled by, hurrying to place the food on the line. Tyler watched her as she moved, then asked, "So, what's your name?" Empatha slowed her pace, then told him. "Empatha! That's a lovely name! It's different! It fits you!", said Tyler. Empatha smiled again, then went into the front, where many of the patrons knew her by name.
" Good evening, everyone! We will start serving dinner now! Come, please! Come!", she announced joyfully. Dozens of men, women, and children lined up, plates in hand. Empatha filled their plates heartily, laughing and talking with everyone. Tyler helped serve the drinks, and Mrs. Mary gave them the silverware they needed. A tall, thin man in a heavy jacket held out his plate to Empatha as she piled food on. "This sure looks good, Ms. Empatha! And you sure looking nice this evening!", he said. "Why, thank you, Bradley!", she bubbled, slipping him an extra drumstick. Bradley was touched by her generosity and smiled, saying thank you. Empatha gave a him a quick wink and smiled, sending the man away with a warm feeling. Tyler eyed her, noticing her generous nature. He busied himself offering the coffee.
After everyone had been fed and second helpings were distributed, Empatha began to bring the empty dishes to the dish station, where Tyler had began washing. As she handed him a dish, their fingers touched, and a jolt of electricity passed through them. Tyler laughed as Empatha moved away quickly. She didn't have time to be playing with this boy. She had work to do, if she wanted to get out of here at a decent time. After the people all left, Empatha cleaned the kitchen area, leaving it spotless.
While she was locking the back door, Tyler came up to her in the parking lot. Empatha looked amused as he said, " Well, I had a really good time busting suds in there, and helping you out! It was cool!" Empatha smiled, then said, "Thank you, Tyler! You get home safe now!" "Hey! Now, wait a minute! Where you headed?", he asked. " I'm going over to Big Daddy's and grab a bite to eat. Why don't you join me?", he asked. Empatha couldn't believe her ears, and said, "Well, I'm supposed to be meeting up with a few friends later, but, okay! I'll follow you there." Tyler smiled big and got in his Chevy Camaro.
As Empatha sat in her car, she looked in her vanity mirror. She was still flawless and had a glow about her. In a few minutes, they were both pulling into the parking lot of Big Daddy's. Tyler opened her door and helped her out, sneaking a glance of her cleavage. They walked inside of the tiny establishment and the smells of delicious cooking assaulted their noses. Tyler ordered a cheeseburger with fries and potato salad, and Empatha ordered the fried chicken breast with fries and potato salad as well. Like a gentleman, Tyler paid for their meals and drinks. The cashier fixed their cokes and handed them to Tyler, and they sat at a table. "I'm glad you accepted my invite", said Tyler as he looked at her with sultry eyes. Empatha noticed, and a tingling sensation went through her. " Thanks for inviting me", she said, smiling.
A waitress brought their food and they soon began to eat, making small talk as they went. Empatha found she was enjoying Tyler's company. He told her about his life, and asked about hers. It felt like a date, and Empatha was enjoying him. Tyler happily ate his food and enjoyed the view.
When they were leaving, Empatha thanked Tyler for dinner and apologized for having to leave. Tyler shook his head and told her it was cool, that he understood. "Can I have a hug?", he asked. Empatha bust out laughing and gave him a hug, the feel of his body surprising her. She had to leave now, or else Tyler wouldn't be making it home tonight.
Empatha stepped out of her shower and went to her outfit she had laid out. It was Friday night, prime time baby, and she was ready to play. She slid on her sexiest pair of stockings and spritzed her perfume. She was in a sexy mood, and ran her hands over her voluptuous body. She finished dressing and headed out the door to find Tathana waiting. " Come on girl! Let's go!", she exclaimed.
The two women drove through town to the strip, where a new club named Sak Pase' had opened. A crowd of people was already in the lot across from the club. Empatha pulled into the lot, and parked. Tathana bounced out of the car, her long legs and ass showing out of short shorts, even if it was December. They walked across the street and entered the club to the sounds of Haitian music. A tall, dark skinned man with long dreadlocks and a mouth full of gold walked up to them, hugging Tathana and palming her ass. "Empatha, this is King George, the owner of this club! This is my best friend, Empatha!", she explained as the tall Haitian eyed Empatha appraisingly. " Nice to meet you", she said as he grabbed her hand and kissed it a little too long. "My pleasure, dear. Welcome ladies, to my club! Please, enjoy yourselves! Drinks are on me!" King George gave the bartender a signal, and the women sauntered up to the bar and ordered some drinks.
Empatha looked around at the scenery and noticed a fine light-skinned brother with tight, blond curls eyeing her. He had light colored eyes and a sexy, long goatee. He knew he was caught watching her, so he gave her a smile, showing two fang golds. Empatha was blown away by his sexiness as he made his way towards her. The scent of his cologne met her first, and it was like a powerful aphrodisiac. "How you doing?", he asked, offering his hand. "Meh name is Prince Willie, bredren of King George", he said, before adding, "Damn, you are a gorgeous woman!" Empatha laughed, then said, "Thank you, Prince Willie. Empatha", she offered. Prince Willie looked over her body slyly, smiling. " A pleasure to meet you, Empatha ", said Prince Willie, shaking her hand gingerly. " Would you care to dance?" Empatha looked at his fine physique and said, "Yeah!"
Tathana had made her way to the dancefloor as well, and was shaking it for the fellas. Empatha and Prince Willie joined her and King George.
The story of the brothers King George and Prince Willie was infamously known by everyone who migrated here from Haiti. Sons of the great King George Frekar of Port -Au -Prince, born on the same day at the same hour by two different wives; one dark as night, one light as day. It was rumored these sons had great powers and influence. The spirits favored them, and they honored the ancestors by keeping their Voodoo tradition going. Powerful rivals of their father with government influence wanted them killed, fearing they'd cause an uprising, but an insider who worshipped their father gave them the heads up on the plan against them. When their building was surrounded and bombed, everyone believed them dead. King George and Prince Willie came to Louisiana unbeknownst by their enemies and their "resurrection" here proved to be good for them. Their club venue seemed to be doing well, and they owned their own land so they were secure. As the brothers danced with Tathana and Empatha, they looked at each other, smiling, shouting, "Sak Pase'!" They had two of the hottest women in the club, and they were the envy of the men watching.
After a night of dancing only with Prince Willie, Empatha found herself lip locking him in the front seat of her car. When she had told him she had to leave, he begged to drive her home himself, but she insisted that she had it, and he walked her to her car. "It's been a pleasure meeting a Queen such as yourself", said Prince Willie. "Meh would love to take you out for breakfast." Empatha thought on it, but declined politely, asking for a rain check. Prince Willie gave her his card and told her to call him anytime. After one last juicy kiss, Prince Willie walked away reluctantly, smiling back at Empatha. "Please call meh, Queen! Meh look forwards to seeing you again!", he said, then crossed the street to go back inside the club.
Empatha watched Prince Willie until he got inside. Now, that was a man! She smiled to herself and put her car in drive. Tathana stayed behind to be with King George, so she was driving alone. She turned on her stereo and the sounds of Tank's Slowly put her in a sexy mood. Empatha drove home, entered her lonely trailer, and sat down on her couch. She dug around until she found a joint she had rolled earlier. Her cat Jezebel hopped on her lap and Empatha stroked her black fur as she smoked her joint. What a day she had, with Tyler coming into her life, and now Prince Willie looked promising.
Empatha picked up her kitty and retired to her bedroom, where she plopped down on the bed and enjoyed the rest of her joint.

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