Chapter 3. Mean Girls & Mysteries

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Who knew a boy could run so fast, I swear the world around us was a blur as he raced through the forest, my hair was wildly flying around my face, but I was to afraid to release my death grip on his shoulders to fix it. So I just watched the corners of my vision as we flew through the trees.

"Sheesh you run fast." I muttered, my voice quiet in the roar of the wind. He regripped my knees, as he made a sudden turn past a tree.

"Ya, I'd like to see that bloodsucker try to keep up with me." Roan replied in a humored tone, making me smile. But still something was bugging me, well besides that fact that I had been taken from my home, had no idea where I was or what was going on, and I was being piggybacked by a half-naked teen-aged boy through the woods, (the last part didn't bug me so much ;) ) but why did he keep saying blood-suckers, I've only heard that term used once before, in Twilight...

"Why do you keep calling him that?" I asked, watching as he glanced back at me, his speed hardly slowing.

"Keep calling him what?" his tone was innocent, but completely fake, making me frown.

"A blood sucker." I grumbled flatly, he knew what I was talking about, why was he avoiding the question?

"Cuz he is one." was his answer in a blurt, and he pulled to a stop suddenly, I looked up to see the line of trees was getting thinner up ahead. He let me down from his back and I swayed, getting used to my weight for a moment before I shot a questioning look at him.

"So you're saying he sucks blood?" I asked doubtfully, my voice almost a scoff. He just snorted, walking ahead of me so I had to jog to catch up. Damn this boy has long legs I thought, struggling to keep up with his fast pace. But he quickly noticed my huffing and slowed down.

"That's exactly what I'm saying." he said with a smirk.

I shook my head in disbelief and he just snickered,  

"Humans are so oblivious, oh well, you'll learn soon."

My eyes rolled, he was talking about humans as if he wasn't was. Was he? I've never seen someone run so fast....I jerked that thought off. No impossible, he's just really fit is all.

"Where are we going anyway?" I asked him in a sharp tone, making him stiffen. Well excuse me for not being good mood after all this! I curled my fists together.

"Home, somewhere safe while my pack finish's off that guy. They'll be back when they're done, and Brock with explain everything." his voice was almost as hostile as mine.

'And Brock is...?" I trailed off, shooting him a look saying, I don't know who the hell you're talking about.

"Our pack leader." he replied with an indignant tone, his chest swelled, like he was proud of having a so called 'pack leader.'

"All this talk about pack's makes you sound like.." I blinked, glancing up at him with a worried expression.

He just gave me a large wolfish grin before pushing me out of the trees and into the light of a small field.

I looked around with narrowed eyes from the sudden light before my eyes rested on a little house in the corner of the field. it was a little stone cobble cottage with a black roof, doors, and large glass windows. The house was surrounded by lots of gardens filled with Rose's, tiger lilies and daffodils.  

Noting the bee's and butterflies flying around the fully blossomed flowers I looked back to front porch of the house in time to see a girl around mine and Roan's age come out of the front door and wave to us.

I followed Roan over and watched the girl with curious eyes. She had long silky fox red hair, that fell around her heart-shaped face and swept over her puppy dog green eyes. She wasn't muscular like the rest of the guys around her, in fact, she was pretty skinny compared to them, but she still had a strong look in her eyes and a bold presence around her. She smiled up at Roan as we reached the house,  

"Hey Roan." she greeted him, her green eyes dancing. Before they danced over to me, and turned dark.  

"Who's this?" she asked in such a tone that made me burst in side. Haha, what a prick. She thinks I'm with him. Get real girl, he's no Jacob Black.

"Hi Ruby." he muttered, before looking to me. "Oh, this is uh.."

"Avril." I ended for him, thrusting a hand in Ruby's direction, plastering a fake angelic smile.

"Oh, right, you're the human girl." she mumbled, shaking my hand with a tight grip. I bit the inside of my cheek but refused to wince, just keep your smile on..

"Yah, also the one who has no idea whats going on right now." I said, still grinning like a fool. "Since no one will bother to tell me." I added sourly, making Roan give me a glare but he sighed, moving onto the porch and directing me inside.

I stepped into the house, the wood floors creaking under my weight, Roan ducked in after me and headed into a room that appeared to be the kitchen, Ruby trailed after him and I stayed planted to the entrance, my eyes darting around. It seemed like a nice place...

"Hiya!" a small voice squeaked, nearby, and I looked down to see a young girl at my feet, her dusky brown hair hanging down past her little shoulders, she was wearing a little ice blue dress, and I had to smile as she looked at me with button black eyes.

"Hello there." I said, smiling down at her, she gave me a toothy grin.

"You smell funny, you're a human girl!" she cheered, clapping her hands. I guessed she was around six.

"Yes, my name is Avril." I said quietly, I love kids..

My words seemed to amaze her, because suddenly her eyes grew wide.

"Oh... you're the one who's gonna kill everyone!" she gasped, making my heart thud.

"I'm gonna what?!" I burst. Roan's head popped in from the kitchen just as the little girl began to sob, he rushed over and pulled me away from her, by now I was starting to freak.

"What is she talking about?" I cried, Roan gripped my shoulder's roughly.

'Calm down, calm down." he whispered, "Everything's fine." he said with a half-comforting tone, it almost would have worked if Ruby hadn't have reappeared from the kitchen, her bitchy little mouth twitching.

"Why don't you just tell her Roan?" she growled, before turning to me with a dull expression.

"If the prince of bloodsucker's gets a hold of your blood, he's gonna use it to kill off all the humans."

It was at that point that my brain shut down completely, nothing made sense anymore, not doing what else to do I passed out in Roan's arms.

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