Chapter 6. Decisions & Deceit.

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Man sorry I took so long guys, I just wasn't into it. But I finally did get the chapter up! Hope its good enough, I did a big recap at the start since some of you haven't read this in a while.. PLease enjoy, vote and fan. But you know comments are what really make me want to write ^^

Just to recap on the fabulousness of my life so far, my name is Avril. (and no not Avril Lavine.) I'm an intimidating 5"6' redhead and right now, I have serious Decidophobia (fear of making decisions) considering that the one I'm about to make will either make or break my life (and also the lives of every human being on the planet)

And when did it all start? On the supposedly best day of my life; my 16th birthday. Yeah, you heard it. You'd think that a drop-dead gorgeous hunk of man showing up at my door would be a good thing, but just my luck the dude turned out to be a vampire. And not the suckass sparkly kind either, his name was Henry and he was there on a mission.  

After stunning my family and knocking me unconcious, Henry hauled me off in a limo blasting with damned Bieber tunes. I don't remember if what led me to take a leap a faith out of a limo racing down a speedway was either the fact that I had just been Avrilnapped, or that kid Justin's voice...either way I dove out and ended up running into Roan (my extremely yummy rescuer)

Only I didn't realize his hawtest at first, considering he was a wolf when I first bumped into him. Let's just say me freaking out and throwing a stick at his head made a dang good first impression, since he's taking a shine to me (and I'm taking a shine to him) But I could have seen it coming that now that I've seen a vampire, I would see a werewolf.  

Yep, Roan was a big, buff, tough, Jacob Black worthy werewolf. To make my birthday just a little better Roan's father (Brock) summoned up his packy pack of equally yummy werewolfs to beat the snot out of Henry. To bad I didn't get to see this, since Roan swept me off my feet (literally) and took me back to the pack's hangout (Brock's house.)

There I was introduced to Meggy (Roan's adorable little sister) and Ruby (Roan's not so adorable ex-girlfriend).  

I loved Meggy right away, but I could of done without Ruby's glare burning me to the ground everytime Roan smiled at me.

I guess I couldn't blame her for liking him though, he was an uber hotty with a Taylor Lautner body. Well I could talk about Roan all day, but I just really need to wrap this up. So Brock and his other son Damian (also very yummy, unfortionately he doesn't swing my way) 

sat me down and explained what the hells bells was happening.  

Apparently I'm a direct blood desendant from a powerful witch named Vesta, who put a curse on my families blood so no evil vampire could use our blood for bad stuff. A powerful race of vampires called the Hidriac's have a special telepathic ablility.  

And that's whose after my blood. It was 'written' that the 6th son of the 6th king would drink my blood on the day of Artemis's comet (when Vesta's spell temperaily comes undone) then use his wicked mental power to wipe out practically all of the Earth's human population (except for the ones that they would harvest then use to farm blood)

So ya, its not a good thing. Vesta made a deal with my werewolf friend's that they would protect me until Artemis's comet had passed, and in exchange she set a barrier over their territory so no vampires could pass. So I guess I'm stuck here for a while, it didn't seem so bad until those nasty little vampires found Meggy chasing a butterfly right over the safety line. Well they took her away, and the only chance of getting her back involves me coming out willingly and letting them take me away to their vampire castle.  

Brock has already lost his wife and other daughter to those bloodsuckers, and I wasn't about to let him lose Meggy. Ruby found me trying to sneak out, and suprisingly offered to help. Girl who hates me wants to pass me over to some insane vampires. Well hell who didn't see that coming?

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