Chapter 2. Limos & Lycanthropy

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Next part's here!! Yay, i know you guys hardly ever read these little things but I really mean I'm only doing this because of the comments I had on my first chapter, if you want more, you need to tell me!

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When I finally came around, the sound of music was filtering through my ears.

"There's gonna be one less lonely girl, one less lonely girl."

Justin Bieber's voice made me wince, really, really? Justin Bieber, as if I didn't have a big enough headache without hearing this kid declare that any girl that isn't with him is immediately 'lonely' no Justin! I'm perfectly fine by myself.

"Justin Bieber?" I heard myself scoff out loud, followed by a voice close to me.

"Yes." there was a gentle sigh, "Its the only Cd's Princess has in the car."

Princess? I came around, my eyes pulling open to show the back seats of a car. I blinked, looking down at the leather seat that I was buckled to, then finally over at the man sitting across from me.

My heart back flipped as my haunted memories brought back his face, this was..the guy. The insane guy, I gasped, but he just looked over at me with a blank expression.

"Unfortunately, we don't get very good radio reception out here." he muttered, before his eyes flicked to the driver's seat, where another man was sitting, I couldn't see his face, but he had dark chestnut hair, and equally pale skin as the man beside me.

Where's here, was the only question my mind could ask, and I pressed myself to the window, narrowing at the tinted glass. So dark I couldn't see what was on the outside...  

I shivered, so a leap of faith was my only option? I certainly can't stay with this guys, who knows what they could be, rapists, child slave traders? But how I go about running away is my only problem..

"So who are you anyway?' i asked in a disconnected voice, trying to sound like a scared child instead of the determined ginger I really was.

"Hm?"' He looked back at me, "Oh, My name is Henry, the king ordered me to retrieve you, since its almost time."

"Time for what?' I continued the light conversation, trying to keep him occupied as I slowly reached down to my seat belt fastener, pressing the button gently.

'You'll find out soon my dear." He chuckled, just as my seat belt came undone, I gripped it tightly so it made no obvious movement, then glanced over at the door, opening it and jumping out would be the tricky part. I didn't let my eyes stay there for long, I looked back at him and nodded.

"I see and well, Henry, I know how important it must be for you to bring me to the 'king' and all, but, its my birthday and I really must get back to my party." at my last word I yanked the door open, a sudden rush of wind blinding me as I prepared to dive. But a cold hand caught me, crushing my wrist tightly it stopped me from a planned tuck and roll.

I looked back, to see that Henry had gotten me, his face twisted with frustration.

"Now Avril, I really don't want to hurt you, but if you're going to try and run I'm afraid-"

"Up yours d*ckhead!" I spat before hammering my foot directly into his face. He flailed back, releasing his death grip on my hand. At that moment I dove from the van, hitting the road in a tightly packed ball.  

I bounced a bit, tumbling over the pavement and into the bushes that led along the road.

"F*ckbucket.' I cursed, feeling the sting that covered my body, and the branches and leaves poked at all sides of me, only making the stinging worse. But I managed to pull myself up, and continue my retreat into the trees that lay ahead.

As I struggled along the forest floor, my adrenaline the only thing keeping me running a large growl rumbled ahead from the undergrowth of the trees. I blinked, focusing as a large animal padded out from the shadows to stand in front of me.

I halted to a stop as the massive wolf let out a snarl, its brown pelt rippling as it stepped towards me.

I winced, my feet sliding back as I met its black eyes, before I sucked in a breath. These things were more scared of us then we are of them aren't they? I glanced around nervously before picking up a nearby stick and chucking it at its head.

"Back!" I commanded it in a large voice as the wood hit its forehead and bounced off. The creature blinked, seeming surprise by my sudden outburst before an odd noise rumbled from its throat. Its tail wagged in a pleasant fashion and its eyes glittered with amusement. It was..laughing? Yes, the little yips coming from its mouth seemed to be laughter, why was it laughing at me?

"Whats so funny?" I growled between my gritted teeth, my anger only seemed to amuse it more and the beast rolled over with a howl, making my blood rise to my cheeks.

"Avril!" a furious voice made me look back, forgetting the wolf as I saw Henry storming through the trees, his angry eyes pointed in my direction.

"Uh.." I hesitated, before I looked back to see another boy standing in the place of where the wolf used to be. My eyes rounded as he came up and stood beside me, his eyes meeting Henry's.

I took the chance to look at the boy, his appearance wiping every thought of the wolf away.  

First of all let me just say that this guy was built! I mean he had some serious muscle mass going on, every part of him just screamed powerful, his skin was a handsome copper tone, lots of it shown from the fact that he wasn't wearing a shirt, allowing me to see the fact that he was packing a six-pack in the cooler *wink wink*, he was wearing jeans, ripping and worn up to the knees.

I looked back up at his face, bold, with a broad chin and thin lips. He had short black hair and wild black eyes.

"Bloodsucker." he spat, moving in front of me, almost defensively.

Henry eyed him up before frowning,  

"What do you want dog?'

"We're not letting this happen." he replied in a husky voice.

Henry cackled, not looking won over,  

"You seriously think you can stop us boy? Its Prince Chance's Destiny to have her, and have her he will."

"Not if we have any say in the matter." the boy retorted, his body turning rigid.

Henry's eyes rolled, and he snaked towards us.  

"You can't fight me dog, go back home, keep your nose out of this."

The boy huffed with a smirk.  

"I can't fight you, but they sure can."

I looked over the boy's shoulder in time to see more well muscled men emerge from the trees, closing in on Henry. They too had copper skin, and short black hair, they let out little growls and snarls as they moved in unison towards Henry, who right now was looking baffled.

"Take her back to camp Roan." one of them said, tossing a look to the boy in front of me.

Roan nodded, before spinning to face me,  

"Come on.' he muttered, grabbing my wrist and swinging me up onto his back. I faltered at the warm feel of his skin, but had no choice but to cling on tightly to him as he sped through the trees, headed who knows where.

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