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inspiring great affection or delight.

"I have four adorable Siamese cats"

I looked around the extensive garden, Emma was sat with Abe talking with a big smile on her face, Hugh and Millard were playing football whilst Horace made sure they didn't cheat, Fiona was showing Bronwyn which vegetables to pull out , The Twins, Claire and  Olive were playing merrily on a seesaw and Enoch sat under his tree with his homunculi . I was the only one alone.

I missed my old loop, I had recently moved to Miss Peregrine's loop because my old one had been destroyed by hollows. In my old loop I was close friends with everyone, so when I found out I was the only who survived the attack I went into a depressive state for 3 weeks straight. I only ever talked to Bronwyn who was also my only friend. I decided that instead of staying in a small corner of the gorgeous garden, I would go for a walk to the beach.

The wind was harsh down on the beach, which made me wish I had bought a jacket. I looked at the waves lapping at my feet and wondered if I should brave the cold and go for a swim. The thought of swimming made me smile a bit. My peculiarity was water, I loved being in it or even near it. I started to take off my shoes, socks and dress ready to wade in despite the cold winds.

"And what do you think you're doing?" A voice came behind me. I whipped around, surprised by the new visitor. "Why did you come so far down the beach!" The voice whined obviously not impressed that I had done so. It was Enoch.

"This part of the beach is normally quiet and peaceful, it's worth walking so far for." I explained to him. "Plus I could ask you the same thing, what do you think you're doing here?" He visibly reddened, but kept calm. "Following you, of course!" Enoch replied simply. "And why are you following me?" I asked sceptically. "I wanted to properly introduce myself?" he said but it sounded more like a question instead of an answer. He must have known he sounded unconvincing because he rolled his eyes and huffed. "Ok fine, but you have to promise not to be freaked out!" He warned, slightly frowning.

He sighed and I came to sit with him on a rock near the water. "Tell me then!" I said getting a bit impatient. " You're going to think I'm weird though!" He shouted. I just laughed "Don't worry if anybody is weird it's me, I don't even need to say anything to give the impression I'm weird!" I tried to make the comment sound light-hearted but it came out a bit sour towards the end."Why would anyone think your weird, you seem really nice!" Enoch insisted.

"How can I seem nice, all I do is sit all alone, not talking to anyone!" I exclaim. "You do lots of nice things!" He seemed set that I was some sort of saint. "Oh yeah like what?" I sneered. "You helped Claire find her doll when Millard hid it, you gave Emma one of your dresses when she went out with Abe, because all the ones she had were 'too plain'. You stuck up for Olive when one of the town's kids called her a loser. You helped me catch a mouse so I could get its heart and didn't call me sick!. You went out in the pouring rain to get Horace's top hat he left outside!" As he went listing things he got louder and louder, until he was full on shouting.

"Oh" was all I could mumble as he came to the end of his list. He took a deep breath and looked into my eyes "You see in the three weeks you've been here, you have done lots of kind things for people and they don't think you're weird, they think you're shy!" He explained hurriedly. "Oh" again was the only word that came to me. "That's why I followed you, because I really like you and wanted to know more about you." He finished with a small smile which was adorable.

"Bronwyn is probably wondering were you are ,we best get home before The Bird has out heads!" He chuckled lightly. I put my stuff back on and made my way back towards the path. Enoch caught up to me and linked our hands as we walked back to the house. I smiled as we walked , he and I talked about life in this loop and life in our old loops, I was surprised when he said he came from a different loop before this one too. We mostly talked about ourselves and what we liked and disliked on the trip back, but we learnt lots in that short time.

As we entered through the doorway of the house, we were bombarded with questions. The first was from Bronwyn "Where were you, I was looking everywhere for you!" She screeched. Then she looked down at Enoch and I's  hands and drew back a bit looking from Enoch to me quizzically. "When did this happen?" She asked excitedly. We both just smiled and shrugged. "Well I love it! Let's just go and get dinner." She smiled taking my hand and dragging me away from Enoch. I turned my head and mouthed 'sorry' at Enoch, he just grinned and waved at me.

Ok so this was the second A on the list and I will be going on to B soon but I may be a bit slow as I have school. I apologise if this chapter was extremely bad. Also I would like to thank jaredplaidalecki for the nice comments on my first chapter it meant a lot. Stay peculiar my friends.

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