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We all got off the cart, ready for another game of Raid The Village. There weren’t so many people playing this time so the teams were in pairs “Right! Here are the teams.” Emma then began to list the pairs. Emma and Jacob, Hugh and Millard and finally (Y/N) and Enoch. Enoch and I were not impressed to say the least, for we had been enemies ever since I entered the loop.
We all split off into our separate groups to plan. “So I say we raid the houses and not the shops because the shops never have anything of use in them really.” Enoch proposed. “Well I – “ I had started but was cut off by Enoch saying “Great. My plan it is then” and set off down the street.
I caught up to him soon enough. “So enlighten me as to which houses we are going to raid.” I said scowling. “ All of them” he replied simply. What was he crazy, some of the houses belonged to some very scary and not to mention easily angered people, there was no way I was doing that. “Well you will just have to deal with it.” Enoch grumbled. I looked up confused as to what he had said, he looked down and rolled his eyes “You said it out loud you idiot” he explained even more irritated than before.
I sighed, of course why had I not expected this to happen. I would be surprised if by the end of this we had not fought at least once. I suspected that Emma put us together purposely ,as she was always saying that we should try to at least be friends. I disagreed. But I never did really know why we hated each other so much.
We walked silently down a pathway that lead to a couple of back gardens of houses. Enoch was the first to brake the silence, “What are you thinking about?” he said gently. The question took me completely off guard, what was with Enoch’s sudden change in mood? He must have known his question baffled me as he followed it up with. “You do this thing when your deep in thought and you looked a bit sad.” I bit my lip wondering whether I should ask him, why we actually hated each other, because in actual fact we were very much alike. I was starting to agree with Emma.
“Why do you hate me?” I asked , deciding it was best to just ask outright. Now it was his turn to be confused, he considered my question for a minute then answered “I don’t , not really I know it seems like I do but I don’t “. I smiled a little happy with his answer . “Doesn’t mean we can be friends though” he continued, reverting back to a cold tone. What was with him and his sudden mood changes.
We finally reached one of the back gardens. It belonged to Ernest Batters ,or otherwise known as ‘Batty’ . He was a strong man who disliked people in general. If we got caught we would be in massive trouble. I strongly despised the idea of breaking in his home as I was very clumsy and if I managed to knock something over, which I most definitely would then we would have to immediately abort the mission, therefore displeasing Enoch.
Sneaking through the garden, we reached the back door of the home, it was locked. So we tried the window, which to our great surprise was open. I went in first climbing over the worktop filled with plates and pans, then Enoch came through but just as he did he knocked several items off the counter. “Who’s in my house!?” Batty roared.
We turned to look at each other and scrambled out of the window. I launched myself through the window, resulting in me landing face first on the floor. Enoch grabbed me before I could react and started running. My foot burned and I couldn’t run as fast as Enoch. He noticed this and picked me up, he ran through town without looking back once, not until he had reached a row of hedges. He slowed, turned around to check no one was following us then walked through a narrow path that lead to a forest.
He put me down by a tree and sat down next to me panting. “Thanks” I smiled, happy that we hadn’t been caught. He just smiled back still panting. When he had gotten a bit of breath back he said “Sorry, I messed up now we don’t have anything to bring back.” He then turned to look at my foot “What happened to your foot?” “Well I jumped out the window and caught my foot meaning I landed face first and with a dodgy ankle” I explained. He nodded “Can we stay here for a bit?.” Enoch asked. “Yes, I think we should” I answered.
We talked for a long time about all of our Raid The Village games and what we got. “I once got a really pretty ring but I gave it to Claire” I said with a shrug. Then out of the blue Enoch said “Can we be friends?.” “I thought you didn’t want to be?” I asked him “That was before I found out that you weren’t just really annoying” I frowned slightly “I was joking!” Enoch quickly added. I chuckled lightly “Sure we can be friends, but only if your not so grumpy” I said still laughing a bit. He pretended to look offended then smiled and nodded.
We then turned and hugged each other, his embrace was warm and I welcomed it happily. “I KNEW IT WOULD WORK!” a shrill shout came from behind a tree, it was Emma. Enoch and I both just laughed.

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