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impudent or irreverent, typically in an amusing way.

In the story you went through the loop not knowing it was a loop. You ended up staying after talking to a few local people and walking around.You decided that life was better here as life back at home was unbearable. But you have met the peculiar children  and you don't live with them as an old lady (by the name of  Violet) took you in and you grew very attached to her and she you, but Miss Peregrine has visited and explained loops and peculiarity, she tried to convince you to go and live with them but you wanted to stay with Violet. Just thought I should clear that up before starting!

I jumped hurriedly out of bed, not wanting to be late. Violet sat in her old armchair reading the daily newspaper as always. Every day was the same, it never use to be like that, but the days where time was normal are long gone. I had a routine that I did, some days it was tiresome to do the same things over as I had done them so for many, many years. Ever since I came through the loop I have admired Cairnholm and it's luscious greenery, back in my home there was nothing but shops, factories and cars. Cairnholm made me feel happy. Happy to know it housed people who were different (and could possibly face so many dangers in the outside world), safe. Happy to know my awful family couldn't get me from here, but most of all happy to know I had people I could trust as friends.

I arrived at the children's home, just in time to play with Claire and her dolls. She gave me one that looked new, I wondered where she could have gotten it from, it was lovely, it had hair the same colour as mine (Y/H/C) and a pretty blue dress. "This is nice! Where did you get it from?" I asked Claire smiling. "Enoch made it for me!" She squealed in delight, she was obviously thrilled with her new doll.

I knew for a fact Enoch had a soft spot for  Claire , he would bake with her occasionally and sometimes play dolls with her. However I also knew Enoch didn't like me as whenever I came he retreated to the far end of the garden or slunk inside . I always sat next to him at lunch and made a one sided conversation with him, it usually consisted of 'So how was your day?, Oh it was good great, Oh why my day it was ok , that was me assuming you asked me back, What was that sorry, you would like to hear about it, well I walked around the village, I got some groceries for Violet and I saw some terrible looking cakes in the window of the bakery' Nobody really listened as I talked to Enoch, they all continued their conversations.

But today was different, I started the conversation off the same way it starts off every day "How was your day today?" I asked still smiling. "It was alright I guess." He answered. I was taken aback, Enoch was actually engaging in conversation with me.  I coughed a bit waiting for him to say the next part. "Oh uh how was your day?" He asked this time and all the children turned, their attention on our chat. "It was great! I did lots after playing with Claire." I was now beaming, extremely happy that Enoch was finally talking to me. "What else did you do?" He asked getting into the conversation more. "I walked up a path I had never been through, I helped Fiona pick out which flower to grow.." I carried on listing the things I did before lunch until I came to an end. "Wow that's a lot, what about the bakery?" He smiled. I was suprised that he actually listened to my stories but even more so that he was asking about them. "Outside everyone! It's time to get some fresh air" Miss Peregrine chirped merrily.

I sighed and got up, Enoch followed me to the garden and we sat down by his homunculi. "So the bakery?" Enoch prompted "Why are you suddenly talking to me today, because the last 80 or so years you haven't why now?." I blurted unable to stop my curiosity. He sighed "Well because ......... Uh " he stuttered. "JUST SPIT IT OUT!" Millards voice shouted from behind the tree, I chuckled lightly at his behaviour. "Ok so ... the thing is... what I'm trying to say" he tried but he couldn't quite seem to form the correct sentence. "FOR BIRDS SAKE! HE'S IN LOVE WITH YOU BUT HE WOULDN'T TELL YOU BECAUSE HE WAS NERVOUS!" Millard shouted again all the children's eyes were on us. "Is that true?" I asked Enoch. He groaned and then faced me "Look it is true, I'm really sorry for not talking to you for ages but I was really nervous-" "He couldn't even go near you, he was afraid he would mess up!" Millard interrupted. But Enoch didn't seem to mind.

I laughed a bit then grinned at Enoch and said "Well there was nothing to be worried about!" "You mean-" he started "YES SHE LOVES YOU TOO!" Millard finished still shouting . "Shut up Millard!" Enoch groaned. Millard just laughed and went away. Enoch give me a cheeky grin and continued with "So you were saying about the bakery?" I laughed now I could be happy knowing there was someone who loves me.  

Yes I know terrible chapter, it's not as good as the other ones but I'm having writes block atm! Plus Millard keeping his ships afloat 😂 basically what I live for. Sorry if the start was confusing! As always thank you so much for the support, it makes me really happy when you guys leave a nice comment, sorry I know I sound like a sap but it's true! Stay peculiar my friends! 

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