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used as an affectionate form of address to a beloved person.

"good night, darling"

Dear darling,
I'm sorry it had to end this way but know I left for good reason....

I crossed the words out and stuffed the paper in the draw. It was simply no good, I couldn't find anyway to justify myself. I needed to leave the loop, life in the loop started off perfect- the same sunny summer's day, with a clear blue sky and amazing friends! All day, every day. But it was just that ,over and over again, like clockwork. Eventually the incessant ticking drove you crazy.

I had lived in the loop for the last 27 years and I had begun to get tired with everyday life, until a new boy came to the loop. He was from a loop raided by hollows. He didn't talk to anyone when he got here, only Miss Peregrine. Overtime he and I managed to form a strong friendship, under his cold exterior was a lovely, funny and clever boy. But my need to escape the loop still plagued me.

Suddenly the door of my room creaked open. I slowly turned to see who was at my door. It was Claire. She quickly ran over to me, hugging my middle tightly. "(Y/n), please don't leave!" Claire whimpered.
But how did she know! I hadn't told anyone about my escape plans. "Claire who told you I was leaving?" I asked softly. "Enoch, but he said Horace told him, and Horace is never wrong!" She said quickly getting upset. "Well you don't need to worry I'm not leaving yet" and with that she left, content with my answer.

I marched down to the basement, where Enoch experimented with his homunculi. "Enoch why did you tell Claire I was leaving?" I said in obvious annoyance. He shrugged his shoulders, his face void of all emotion. "Because it was the truth, were you just going to run away and not tell anyone, just leave us all!" He shouted.
"I was going to -" "no you weren't, face it you weren't. If it wasn't for Horace I wouldn't have known! Do you want to know what would happen to you if you went out the loop! Firstly you would age up to how old you're supposed to be, then Horace predicted you would be attacked by hollows!" His words got increasingly louder until he stopped and sighed, looking down at the table he was previously working on.

"I.. uh didn't-" I started   "didn't think that would happen, you thought you would just runaway and be forever happy right? Right?"  He went on accusingly, mocking me. "No, I didn't think that at all. I knew it would be difficult, but didn't know I could of been I'm danger." I said quietly. I now felt quite belittled, I'd promised Claire I wouldn't leave and anyways leaving now seemed like a pretty bad idea. "I'm just going to.. uh go back upstairs now" I mumbled awkwardly shuffling out. (A/N Same though)

I walked heavily back up the wooden staircase, thinking deeply about what to do. "(Y/n)!" a voice called from the bottom of the stairs, it was Horace "yes!" I called back, running back down the stairs. "You know he'd be so upset if you got hurt, especially if you you got hurt the same way Victor did. He lost one best friend, he doesn't need to lose another. You're all he has, otherwise we'd be stuck with him" he tried to joke at the end,to make it a bit more light-hearted. I chuckled a bit, "well it's nice to know he'd miss me." It was them Horace's turn to laugh. "Well I'm going up to my room-" I said "-see you later!"

Later that night just after dinner, somebody knocked on my door. "Come in!" Enoch then shuffled in, making his way towards me. He sat at the end of my bed carefully. "(Y/n I would-" this time it was me who interrupted him "no before you say anything, I would like to apologize. I'm sorry, I was thinking selfishly when I decided I wanted to go and live outside the loop. I have so many great things here, that I wouldn't have outside the loop!" I went on hurriedly. "It's ok. I was going to say if you were going to go outside the loop then I would need to wish you the best of luck, but considering you've changed your mind I won't!" He smiled a bit, it was one of his rare half smiles.

The rest of the night was spent with smiles, jokes and secret glances from both of us. I could never leave this behind.

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