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silly; foolish.

"don't ask such daft questions"

Everything was still. All that could be heard throughout the house was the soft sigh of sleep, that was until a small piece of paper was slipped underneath the door of one particular bedroom. I quietly walked across the room to retrieve the piece of paper that had disturbed the peacefulness, careful not to wake my roommate Emma, I picked up the slip of paper and took it back to my bed. It was folded neatly and had my name on the front.

Dear Y/N,
Please meet me in the garden as soon as you read this letter, I want to tell you something important!
From Enoch

I would be lying if I said I wasn't a bit suspicious, as Enoch and I never really talked. We sat by each other sometimes and he even let me watch his homunculi fight once, but it was still suprised me that he seemed to actually want to converse with me, it was daft of me to be so excited about it as it probably wasn't important ,but nevertheless I put some shoes on and made my way down to the garden.

I pushed open the small glass door that lead to the garden, and standing in the middle of the garden was Enoch.
"So what did you want to tell me?" I asked him as I got closer. He spun round to face me, he frowned and said "I thought you wanted to tell me something?" He produced a small piece of paper similar to my own and started to read it.

"Dear Enoch,
Please meet me in the garden, I have something I need to tell you!"

I laughed starting to see what had happened "I got one exactly the same as yours! " He laughed along with me, "Guess someone was trying to get us to meet, but I wonder why?" He questioned aloud. "BECAUSE YOU TWO HAVE LIKED EACH OTHER, SINCE FOREVER!" a shout came from right beside us. Of course it was Millard, it wasn't the first time he had done this to us believe it or not.

Enoch sighed then turned to where Millard, or where he assumed he was saying calmly "You know what Millard you're right, come on Y/N now we have that sorted out lets go back inside". I nodded happily and slid my hand into  Enoch's and walked off, as we both heard Millard babbling excitedly behind us. "You see, I know these things!" "Honestly you two are just the sweetest couple" "Where would you be without me"

Sorry guys I haven't updated in forever but I just haven't had the motivation to write lately. But here we go, I gave you Millard keeping his ships afloat again for the people who wanted it! Also thank you guys so much for 3k it's amazing the support I've been getting on this book! If anyone has any requests then feel free to comment them, I also really appreciate the feedback from everyone ! Stay peculiar my friends 💕

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