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very strange or unusual.

"a bizarre situation"

Present Day
I stepped off the ferry, and the longing to go home hit me hard. I didn't belong at home. I needed this ; a fresh start. When I was at home I couldn’t control my bizarre powers, leaving was probably for the best.
I walked whilst I was lost in thought. I had a tendency to do that and 9/10 times I got lost in the process. I had ended up by a path down to what looked like a clearing, I shuffled down the slope carefully. I started going towards the clearing but got stopped when my shoe got stuck in a bog. I scrunched my face up in disgust and groaned internally , maybe I should just turn back.
I tried to get my foot unstuck , which was a challenge but with enough force I pulled it out. I may have used a bit too much force as my shoe went flying into the clearing, I groaned out loud this time and rolled my eyes. A small scoff came from the clearing or more specifically from a boy sat against a bush just inside the clearing.
He had my shoe in his hands “hey can you chuck that to me!” I shouted, desperately not wanting to get my other shoe stuck or ruin my socks. The boy just examined my shoe with mild interest, not saying a word he got up and started walking away. “ Seriously!” I screamed after him. He reappeared suddenly waving my shoe mockingly with a smirk plastered across his face. “Dude come on just give the shoe back, it’s not like you need it!” I tried to reason with him. “First of all my name is not dude it’s Enoch O'Connor, secondly if you want the shoe follow me.” Enoch said.
“Well Enoch O’Connor, I can’t because I need to cross this bog and not destroy my socks or shoes.” I stated. He scoffed again, rolling his eyes “Stop being such a princess and cross the bog” he  replied coldly. I sighed and turned around ready to leave. “Hey wait!” a new voice desperately shouted.
I turned to see who this voice belonged to and no one but Enoch and I were there. I looked round confused until Enoch spoke up saying “that was Millard he’s invisible.” “Yep that’s me!” the voice said again. I shook my head still confused “We are what’s called peculiars, we have special powers like you do” Enoch explained. I gasped how did they know about my powers. I took a look at the bog and in one big leap had crossed it. Enoch looked a bit more relaxed now I had more or less just agreed to go with them. “Can I have my shoe back now?” I asked.  Enoch smiled and handed me my shoe back.
Millard gasped dramatically “how did you do that!” he asked excitedly. “Do what?” I laughed. “Make Enoch smile!” he exclaimed happily. “Hey I do smile, just not when anyone’s around.” Enoch said defensively.
We walked for a bit longer until we came to a big broken house, “this is where we live” Enoch explained as we got closer. How did they live in a house that was destroyed. As if reading my mind Enoch said “But not in this time”. What did he mean by not in this time. “Follow us” he started off again this time towards a pile of rocks that had a small cave inside. “I don’t understand why –“ Enoch cut me off with a shh. Rude.
Enoch took my hand and dragged me out of the cave. He pulled my back the way we came, but it looked different , greener more alive than before. We arrived at the entrance of the house but the house wasn’t rubble ,it was beautiful. Enoch still had a firm grip on my hand whilst opening the door to the house . A tall lady in a midnight blue dress came towards us “Hello I'm Miss Peregrine, delighted to meet you!” she said cheerily “I'm (Y/N), thank you I’m happy to meet you too” I replied politely “You will be staying with the rest of our children for a while as you are a peculiar, I will explain it all later, but for now meet the rest of the children.” She smiled lightly and gestured towards the line of children.
Enoch let go of my hand and went towards the line with Millard who was now in clothes so you could see him. The line started with Emma who controlled fire, then Olive who could float , Horace who could see into the future and project his dreams , Bronwyn who was super strong, The twins who were Gorgons, Claire who had a backwards mouth ,Millard who was invisible, Hugh who had bees living in him, Fiona who controlled plants  and Enoch who could bring things back from the dead.
Horace came up to me after  and started conversation with me, after a while we agreed to go outside , which was gorgeous. We sat by a strangely styled bush. “So I noticed when you came in , you and Enoch were holding hands are you dating?” Horace said excitedly. I laughed a bit “No Enoch doesn’t like me like that” I answered. “But you do?” he questioned. “Well he’s nice but sometimes he can be a bit of a jerk.” I replied “So you do!” he shouted happily “ Jesus calm down I don’t want the world to know Horace!” I whispered “He definitely likes you, you should go talk to him!”
Horace then looked up to see Enoch staring out the window at us, and smiled smugly “See?” he grinned. I just laughed at his antics. “He likes you!” he sang “Come on I will take you to him!” he jumped up ecstatically, grabbing my hand and dragging me to where Enoch was last seen.
I knocked on Enoch’s door “Come in” came the response but it sounded  as if he would rather I didn’t. “Are you sure?” I asked. The door flew in a matter of seconds revealing a very startled looking Enoch. “Yes, come in” he moved to the side to let me in. He closed the door and sat behind a desk, I took a seat the other side of the desk. “So I was wondering if you could show me your peculiarity?” I asked. Enoch looked confused like I had asked him something completely random “Really , you want to see my peculiarity, it’s gross and I have to use hearts to make it work so—“  “Yes don’t worry I’m not squeamish” I cut his rambling off. He sighed and took a heart out of a jar and placed it in dolls chest and made it fight with another doll. I gasped “that’s so cool!”  “Really?” he asked looking up at me hopefully. “Yeah , that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!”  he smiled then looked down seemingly upset “So you and Horace” Enoch started. I looked at him and then started laughing, I ended up having to take multiple deep breathes. “Oh my god no, we are just friends, what made you think that?” I said still a bit out of breath ”I saw you guys talking for ages then he held your hand.” He said quietly “no he was just actually taking me to you. Plus in your books does hand holding automatically mean two people are dating?” I asked “Well no but it does mean they obviously like you a lot or are just impatient in your case.” He explained “  But you held my hand when taking me to the house” I pointed out. He visibly turned red “yeah because I uh maybe like you” he stuttered. I smiled “great because I like you too”
Horace then burst into the room with Millard both shouting “I knew it, they love each other!” I looked back at Enoch to see him stand up and usher them out of the room quickly. I assisted him with this. We both chuckled slightly, until he turned fully around and kissed me gently and smiled. We then heard from outside “we can see you from the window!”
Oh my bird thank you guys so much for the support its great to know that your enjoying my story. I’m so sorry I haven’t updated in ages. Also in other news I went to see panic at the disco they were amazing !

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