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inspiring affection.

"an endearing little grin"
Enoch's pov

"So are you going to talk to her/him today?" Millard sighed impatiently. I shrugged. "Your going to have to make a move one of these days!" Millard seemed absolutely set on getting me and (Y/n) together. "It wouldn't be hard! I've already told you how much she/he likes you. She/he also knows how much you like her/him!" I could just imagine the sly grin on his face. "Oh Millard! You didn't!" I gasped "I did!" He sang happily.

Suddenly (Y/n) came out to the garden, everything about her/him was endearing.  (Y/n) came sweeping over to us, obviously happy. She/he sat down between Millard and I, or where Millard would have been if he I could see him. He must of taken his clothes of to become completely invisible and undoubtedly eavesdrop on our conversation.

"So Enoch, how are you today! I swear I also saw Millard here a minute ago." I swallowed hard, she/he had never bothered coming over to talk to me, probably because she/he thought my peculiarity was weird. "Uh. I'm ok I guess?" I started. "Would you like to come to the beach with me?" She/he asked politely. "Yes he would love to!" An excited voice next to us shouted. (Y/n) laughed quietly at Millard, whilst I glared. What was he doing I wasn't ready for this, I needed at least another day. "Great! Then let's go" (Y/n) chirped merrily.

We walked silently across the grass banks, just above the beach. I couldn't tell if the silence was comfortable or awkward. (Y/n) the spoke up "Do you know why I brought you out here?" She/he questioned. "I'm guessing it has something to do with Millard and his big mouth?" I groaned. She chuckled "yes, something like that!" "Well-" "THIS IS THE PART WHERE YOU KISS AND TELL EACH OTHER YOU'VE ALWAYS LOVED ONE ANOTHER!!!" Millard shouted from somewhere far in front of us. "Goddamn it Millard!" (Y/n) exclaimed "I was going to be romantic and everything like we planned!" She/he shouted. I was now extremely confused.

She/he sighed "I was planning on telling you nicely but Millard had already told you! I have liked you for a while now Enoch." I just smiled "I'm sure Millard has already told you about how much I like you!" "YOU ARE BOTH SO ADORABLE TOGETHER!" Millard shouted again "ok Millard we are right next to you no need to shout." (Y/n) laughed. We walked towards the beach together, making up for the lost time we both spent being to nervous to tell eachother.

Millard sighed intently "I truly am a miracle worker!"he turned around heading back towards the house "Who should I go and help next?" He mused aloud

Yo, yo, yo I updated two days in a row. This sucked but I owed a few people an imagine with Millard being a legendary wingman. Hope you enjoyed! Stay peculiar my friends 💕💕

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