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sudden and unexpected.

"I was surprised by the abrupt change of subject"
brief to the point of rudeness; curt.

"you were rather abrupt with that young man"

The door to my room swung open abruptly which startled me briefly. "(Y/N) come quickly it's Enoch he's hurt!" Claire shouted desperately, her lower lip trembled violently. She grasped my hand with her small one's and started pulling me down the stairs.

Claire led me to the kitchen where Enoch lay on his back, Miss Peregrine sat by his side looking frantic. "Ah (Y/N) great just the person I needed" Miss Peregrine said. At first glance there was nothing different about Enoch, same mop of dark curls on his head and the same brown eyes with dark rings underneath from lack of sleep. That was until I got a bit closer, I saw large cuts all over him, his clothes were ripped and covered in a mixture of mud and blood.

I gasped "What happened to him!" I asked horrified. "He was out collecting more hearts when a hollow came through the loop and attacked him, I shot it just in time." Miss Peregrine explained hurriedly. "Now help me treat his wounds!".

By this point Claire had left, which I was glad about. I set about cutting his torn clothes off with scissors, so I could get to his wounds . The worst one was on his abdomen, it oozed crimson blood and was by far the deepest. I went to grab some water to flush out the wound , then stitch it up and put a gauze pad over it.

When we were done Miss Peregrine and I put him in his bedroom where she asked me to stay with him until he woke up. I sat by his bed, holding his hand. "(y/n)?" Enoch mumbled quietly."Yes it's me I'm here." I breathed out a sigh of relief. "How are you feeling?" I asked gently. "I'm aching everywhere, what happened?" He looked slightly scared and of course in pain. "You were attacked by a hollow but don't worry Miss Peregrine killed it." Now it was his turn to sigh in relief. "I better go and tell The Bird you're up" I said. "Actually do you think that ... uh never mind!" He hurried, his cheeks had turned slightly red. "Wait what were you going to say?" I asked my brow furrowed.

He sighed obviously tired and not willing to fight, which was unlike Enoch. "I ... ugh was kinda .... ya know.. uh wondering ..... if youwouldstaywithmepleasedon'thateme" his Scottish accent rung clearly through my ears and even though the last part had been rushed I caught it. He wanted me to stay with him? But why? Does he like me, like I like him? No he couldn't !.

"Yo.. y...you want.... me to st...stay with... you!" Is asked stuttering and tripping over my words . My face had also turned a bright shade of red. "Only if you want to! I mean you don't have to which I could understand!!" He started rambling. All of this behaviour like stuttering, blushing and being decent in general was something I had never seen Enoch do and never thought he would do!. "Of course I want to stay with you." I said softly cutting short his waffling. He stopped and looked up at me, "Really you wouldn't mind?" He asked gently. Again I was surprised he always had a sarcastic tone when he spoke that mocked you and anything you had to say to him, I had never heard him speaking so kindly towards anyone.

"Of course I don't mind otherwise I would have said no!" I laughed a bit. He scooted over and lifted the covers so I could get under. "I'm really sorry ya know about the way I always treat you, I know I'm not the nicest of people." Enoch apologised. "It's really ok, your lucky I like you otherwise I would totally have left by now" I joked lightly. He chuckled then he turned serious again "So you like me?" He asked now himself again, cocky and sarcastic. I blushed furiously. "Good thing I like you too." He smiled and settled down next to me. "Goodnight (y/n)" he whispered. "You know it's late afternoon right? , it's not even dark out!" I laughed "Oh well it's nighttime for us"

*The next morning*

We both came down to dinner at the same time, I cannot even describe how awkward waking up next Enoch was. I sat at the breakfast table with all the other peculiar children. Emma sat next to me and leant slightly in to me whilst whispering "you missed dinner you know, I came in to tell you and you were snuggling with Enoch" she was smirking now whilst I was right red and trying to find words to explain "don't wooorry I won't tell anyone!!" She giggled. Enoch sat across from me and I then noticed was staring at me intensely. Emma noticed it to because she was back whispering to me again, this time I leant in too. "I'm guessing you guys aren't together yet?" She whispered. I just have looked impressed because she then said "I'm good a sensing out a difficult situation, I guess it's my second peculiarity!" We both giggled at this.

"What are you two cackling about?" Enoch asked with the same tone of mocking he used normally, it seemed all niceness from last night had vanished. "Something stupid probably!" He sneered , also answering his own question. "You can't talk to your girlfriend like that Enoch!" Millard shouted playfully across the table. "She's not my girlfriend!" Enoch shouted back. "Now, now boys, polite persons do not shout across the table like that" Miss Peregrine tutted.

After breakfast Emma and I sat under a tree just across from the one Enoch was sat under. "You should go and talk to him, he literally told you he liked you and Enoch doesn't like anyone!" Emma exclaimed obviously excited. I had filled her in on the details of last night telling her all about the heartfelt comments and soft tones. "Really should I?" I asked, I had also told her about my massive crush on him. "Yes! Go for it!!!" Emma squealed.

I stood up and smoothed my pale blue dress down. I walked with long strides over to Enoch but looked back nervously over my shoulder, to see Emma with both her thumbs up 'go for it!!' rang in my mind. I sat down next to Enoch and watched carefully as he moulded his clay men. He turned his head to look at me, then with a smile he said "Watch this". I watched as he put a small heart of some kind into the clay man and it got up and walked off hurriedly. Enoch's peculiarity was being able to bring back things from the dead all he needed was a heart.

I felt a little tug on my hand, I looked down and saw the little clay man with a tulip in his hand, he was offering it to me. I carefully took the tulip and smiled. "Thank you!" I said with a small giggle. Then I turned to Enoch who was smiling as well "How did you know I love tulips!?" I asked with one eyebrow raised. His smile then turned into a full blown grin "Because you go and look at the tulips everyday!" He says laughing "Huh well thank you it's lovely".

Enoch then turned to me and said "I really meant what I said" . "Pardon?" I asked confused about what he mean. "Liking you" he then looked down going all shy again. I laughed a bit "Well good because as I already said I like you too" "No but I mean I really like you!" He insisted. " Yes and I really like you too!" I tried "No I mean like .." I cut him off suddenly by kissing him. I pulled back and said "I told you I really liked you!" I laughed. He just smiled and pulled me into his side. Emma was looking over at us grinning . She put both her hands together and the flames burst into a heart.

Hey guys so this is my really shitty fanfic about Enoch O'Connor I recently watched the movie and I fell in love a second time with the characters and their actors. I didn't like however that they changed Olive and Emma's peculiarities so I changed them back with Emma's as fire and Olives as floating. Hope you all enjoyed! Stay peculiar my friends!  

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