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It's now been over a year since Yoongi and Jimin got married.

The situation with Yoongi's real parents being abusive ended. After Jimin moved away, they did too.

Oh, and the two got two three new additions to the family.


"Holly! Come here baby!" Yoongi shouted from the kitchen, placing dog food on the ground.

"Why did you name a guy dog 'Holly'?" Jimin chuckled, carrying a six year old boy into the kitchen.

"My brother named him, don't judge." Yoongi pouted, "He doesn't like it."

"Appa! Why do you only act like that around holly?" A little six year old girl, the twin of the boy, came running in.

"Because holly is so adorable." Yoongi smiled.

The little girl stomped, "So am I!"

"Jiyeon, don't stomp your feet." Jimin sat the little boy, Eun, down.

Jiyeon nodded, "Okay appa. Oh! It's Eun's and my parent's visitation soon!"

"Yes we know." Yoongi said, "We'll take you to your parents for a day and you'll spend the night there and come back tomorrow."

"I don't want to spend the night there." Eun spoke up.

"Yeah! They mean." Jiyeon agreed.

"Well you guys are still going to go. We'll just be with you." Jimin assured.

After the twins parents visitation, they all went home.

"Appas... you guys said you never went to your visitations..." Jiyeon spoke up at bed time.

Jimin nodded, "Right... we'll talk about it when you're older." He leaned in and kissed her forehead then kissed Eun's forehead.

"I'm glad you didn't lie to her completely." Yoongi said after putting the kids to sleep.

Jimin laughed, "Shut up."

Yoongi kissed Jimin's lips, "No."

The End
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