Chapter Eight

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The next day, the two boys went back to Seoul.

Instead of going straight home, they went to their last class for that day so they wouldn't be completely absent.

"Where were you guys?" Jin asked after the class and the seven of them met up.

"We visited my real parents... uh Yoongi wanted to meet them." Jimin smiled.

Yoongi raised his eyebrow, "What?"

"Ah. But didn't you visit them a few months ago?" Taehyung asked.

Jimin nodded, "Yes of course."

Yoongi sighed, "Jimin, let's get you home, your parents probably want to see you."

"See you later, Jimin!" Hoseok waved.


Jimin walked up to his house and Yoongi stopped at the door, "I'll uhm... stop here... be safe, just go straight to your room and don't talk to your parents." Yoongi said.

Jimin stopped, "Yoongi, you okay? You aren't acting like yourself."

Yoongi nodded, "I'm perfectly fine."

At that moment, the door opened, "Get inside, Jimin. Your friend isn't allowed in now. Where have you been?"

"I'll go right now." Yoongi said, turning around, leaving.

Jimin walked into his house, "I went on a little trip with Yoongi."

Jimin's mom rolled her eyes, "Trip with Yoongi? Why would you go do that?"

"To visit my real parents. Why did you keep me away from them all these years?" Jimin asked.

His father grabbed his the collar of his shirt and pulled him closer, "Why did you go there? What did you hear from them?"

"Only things I already know like how abusive you are... oh and that you had a biological son." Jimin said.

His dad pushed him down and kneed him, "You weren't supposed to go over there!"

Jimin laid on the ground, clutching his stomach where he was just kneed,
"I know..."

"You fucking brat, you went against our words." His mom said and kicked him since he was on the ground.

Jimin stood up before they could do anymore, "What... what was your son's name?"

"Why does that matter to you?" His father sneered.

"Please, tell me." Jimin pleaded, "He has been acting weirdly after finding out you two had a son two years older then me..."

"Who's he?"

"Please, just tell me." Jimin said, "Then I promise I'll never visit my actual parents again."

Jimin's adoptive mom looked down, "His name was Yoongi... Min Yoongi... he hasn't visited us one bit since he left so we are forgetting about him."

Jimin scoffed, "Wow, you guys couldn't recognize your own son. My actual parents remembered me right as they heard my name."

"What do you mean? Park Jimin, don't act like this!" His dad shouted.

Jimin ignored him and went straight to his room.

He couldn't believe it.

Yoongi was the boy who went through this shit in the beginning of his life.

Yoongi knew how Jimin felt.


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