I pulled a fishnet higher on my thigh and began to shift uncomfortably in my 4 1/2 inch heels. These stupid things were giving me awful blisters at the back of my ankle making me wince at the small pain. If it wasn't for my new friend violet that gave me soft material to ease the pain I would have went bare foot. She was absolutely wonderful and the only friend I've had in my seventeen years of existence. it was pretty sad to admit but it was true..

I looked at Violet out of the corner of my eye. She reminded me of the way the Luna back at home held herself up. She was full of pride and very protective over me as if I were in her own pack. She had gorgeous blonde hair that went down to her waist and flashing blue eyes to die for. Her eyebrows were perfectly plucked and her eyelashes were long and thick. She was clothed in a beautiful white silky dress that clung to her curvy figure. I'm pretty sure that her mate will be proud to have her on his arm. But as for my mate, he would most likely be disgusted with me he wouldn't even touch me.

"Mia, i can see you dissing yourself. Sweetie please don't do that to yourself."Violet said in her whisper like voice.

My hands balled into fists at my sides. I couldn't help but think this way.

I've been brought up to think so negative about myself in every way possible.  My wolf was too proud and would want to show them who they were talking to but at the same time, we weren't anything important. Just an unwanted daughter of a Alpha.

A small breeze tangled it's feather light fingers through my hair and whipped it around my face. The hotels beautiful garden catching my attention for a single moment. It seemed perfect with all the flowers decorating the water fountain the middle of the huge flower maze. The sparkling pool rippled slightly at the soft blowing breeze passing by and seemed to lure me in for a nice swim. But right now I had to get ready to leave from here and to another pack.

The second to last pack the other girls, Violet and myself would be introduced to and then off to the palace of the Alpha King. My bag all of a sudden felt heavy and pulled me against the limo.

"What if i find him, my mate, and he doesn't want me Violet?" I whispered and widen my eyes at her. She was the only one I felt comfortable confessing to.

Violets blue eyes narrowed and her lips went into a straight line. She's heard this spill from my mouth more than ten times this whole trip around America. And from the glint in her eyes she's heard enough."Mia mates are built perfectly for each other. You will be just right for him and he will be absolutely thrilled to have you for his and his only. He will accept you for who you are and will be in love with you once he lays his eyes on you. Now, whatever happened back at home that will be over. They cannot hurt you what so ever, This will be a new start for you and you don't have to be scared anymore."

I sucked in a deep breath and gave her a grateful smile. I had my fingers crossed that she was right about this. But the truth is, life has taken a good round of punches at me i don't know what to expect anymore. Not only was i almost done with this stupid tour, but I've had stares at my bare legs that it drove me crazy. It was the only thing my pack had sent me with. Slutty clothes that reveal a bit too much skin and gave the guys the wrong idea.

Yeah.. I'm not like that and shudder at the thought.

I nodded and brushed my brown bangs away from my blue eyes.

Maybe i can muster up the last spark of hope i had left inside of me. I mean what is gonna go wrong?

It's not like I will have a bad experience after all.



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