Chapter 49

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The party was loud and contained blasting music, beyond too much alcohol, and some people went a little overboard on the 'dirty' dancing. Harry only had a few drinks, but enough for him to be hungover tomorrow. I, on the other hand, didn't have any even though I was aloud. I only ran into Niall a couple of times. for the most part he kept his distance.

The girls left a few minutes ago and know we were headed out to the car. I hadn't recognized anyone at the party but I did recognize a few American and Australian accents. One of my friends was Australian. The one that offered to help with college and his parents even offered for me to live with them. His name was luke. I didn't get to see him before I left, but Brooke said she would tell Andy and Luke what had happened. I hope she didn't go into great detail because them it would get awkward.

I stepped into the car after everyone had exchanged drunken goodbyes. Harry's head rested on my shoulder as soon as he got into the car. Niall was on my other side and Zayn took over the drivers seat, for Louis was too drunk to drive. Liam was in the back. he wasn't too drunk maybe just a little tipsy; the same for Niall.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" the only sane one in the car asks.

"Well, it was.. different to say the least."

"Have you never been to a party?" Zayn queries.

"Nope. How was Perrie?" I ask

"She was great. Did you get to meet anyone?"

"Well, I guess Harry's manners arnt the best, but I enjoyed spending time with him." he chuckles and I look at the passed out Harry on my shoulder.

"I did get to meet the Drummer, though." I assure him.

"Mhmm." we pull into parking lot and I struggle to get Harry off of me.

"Zayn," I whisper. "Can you help me with him." He chuckles and nods.

Niall lazily gets out and helps a drunk Liam out of the trunk. Zayn comes over to my door after assisting Louis out of the front. He flicks Harry multiple times in the head before Harry finally groans and gets up to head into the apartment. We take a long elevator up to the second floor and we all go separate ways.

Liam opens the door for me and was in hysterics the entire time.

"Go to sleep, Liam." He groans before prancing over to his room and closing the door

I walk to the kitchen and grab a tall glass and fill it with water. Then, I take it into Liam's room and place it on his bedside table. He was already passed out.

I walk to my room and take a shower; It doesn't take long. I wash my face and throw my hair into a sloppy bun. I put on a long sleeved t and put on my blue shorts with owls.

I scroll through twitter, then, lie down and eventually I find sleep.


I jump up and tears flood my eyes. The dream was an exact replica of the night that haunted me the most. I look over at the clock and unfortunately, it was only 3:00. So i had to go back to sleep. After thinking about falling asleep I get up and wall into the living room and places bum on the couch.

"Geez, Addy, you scared me." Liam says from behind me, in the kitchen.

"You alright?" I ask as I take in his appearance. He has bloodshot eyes and his face is and indescribable pale color.

"No, I could ask you the same" I looks at me for an answer.

"Just a bad dream." I look down hoping for no sympathy.

"You just want to watch the television. There is no way I can go back to sleep."

"Sure, what's on at 3am?" he shrugs and grabs two blankets out of the closet.

I was thankful my shorts were long enough so you couldn't see the scars on my upper left thigh.

He turns on the tv and finds a random station with cartoons. I eventually find my way over to him and my head leans on his shoulder. Once again I fall sleep on Liam's more than comfortable shoulder.


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