I took a final look in the mirror. I had finally decided on wearing dark nondescript skinny jeans with a black top Chiara had insisted that I wear when I asked for her advice on Saturday. "You want to look classy, and a little bit sexy, but not a whore." She told me. It was far too skimpy and clingy for my liking, and embarrassing just to look at. I pulled down the hem to try and cover my stomach, but it slid back up again. I sighed, and put on my jacket. Just as I grabbed my bag, the doorbell rang. I suddenly felt a wave of anxiety wash over me, quickly followed by nausea. Maybe I could tell Dan I was ill? Don't be ridiculous, I scolded myself, Dan's waiting for you. It's just him. No-one else.

Tugging my top down one last time, I walked downstairs, thankful I had refused to wear the black five-inch heels Avery had brought over yesterday, and worn my own red converse. I would've probably fallen over every three steps. I pulled open the door to Dan's smiling face.

"Hey," He said, "You look nice."

I crossed my arms over my stomach in an attempt to hide the bare skin. "Um, thanks. Sorry I took so long. You wanna come in?"

"I'm okay. We should get going, or we'll miss the movie." He grinned again and held out his hand. I took it tentatively. We walked outside and as I turned around to lock the front door, I saw a dark silhouette by the side of the house. I peered at it, but couldn't see any features. It disappeared suddenly. I blinked. Probably just my imagination. I shook my head and turned and followed Dan to the car.


"That," Dan muttered whilst walking out of the cinema, "Was a load of shit."

"Aw, it wasn't that bad," I laughed. There had been one of the old Saw movies showing, so we'd gone to see it.

"Believe me, it was. I couldn't believe how crap the effects were. Did you see the bit where the guy got injected with acid and melted? It was so fake."

"It looked believable to me." I grimaced. Too believable. That bit had made my stomach turn, but Dan had been snickering the whole way through.

He laughed, taking my hand. "Whatever. Let's go get something to eat."

It was cold, and suddenly I realised my jacket was gone. I must've left it in the cinema. I groaned.

"Something wrong?" Dan asked.

"Yeah, I just realised I've left my coat in the cinema. You go on ahead, I'll just go get it."

"Okay..." He looked a little doubtful. He smiled and squeezed my hand one last time before walking off in the opposite direction towards his car. Just as I turned around I saw a certain beat up red car pulled up at an angle on the sidewalk. Zayden's car, to be precise.

I cursed. God, I hated him. I hurried back into the cinema, hoping he wasn't in there or if he was, didn't see me. Thankfully he wasn't. When I was back outside his car had disappeared again. Weird. I ignored it as I walked back to Dan's car. It was getting dark. He was sat in the drivers seat, drumming his fingers anxiously on the dashboard, looking around outside, searching. When his eyes landed on me he smiled, looking somewhat relieved.

I got into the car, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched.

"What took you so long?" Dan asked, but he wasn't angry.

"I wasn't that long."

"You were. I was waiting for ages." He whined.

"No you weren't."

"Was too."

"Whatever! Let's just go." I punched his arm lightly, jokingly.

He laughed, but didn't start up the engine. He appeared to be looking at something, through the windscreen. I tried to see what it was, but it was too dark outside. His expression wasn't a happy one.

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