Guardian Angel - It Was A Mistake Series

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The rays shine down

from behind all the clouds,

And there's a moment, I swear,

I saw you up there.

You were here for me,

Through all of those years.

My only regret,

was not helping you back.

My guardian angel,

Oh, sweet Rosily,

Looking at me,

from so far up there.

Watching out for me

Wherever you are.

My guardian angel,

oh sweet Rosily.

Sweet Rosily,

Sweet Rosily.

I told my daughter,

About you today.

I could see her big smile

When she saw your sweet face.

My guardian angel,

My guardian angel,

Oh, sweet Rosily.

Watching out for me,

From so far up there,

whever you are,

you're not too far.

Oh sweet Rosily,

my guardian angel.

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