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Haunted! - Not So Average Series

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Note: Remember to check out the story that these lyrics/poems to go @StrongLovaticJB

Let's just,

hide away from me.

Ha hide away from me.

So all of the world can see.

I'm falling apart you know,

Oh, how much I love you so.

How can you leave me here alone?

Don't you know,

How much I need you so?

Daddy please stop leaving me.

Your memories everywhere.

I can't get you out of my head.

Oh daddy daddy

Please don't,

leave me, leave me


I know I was wrong

I made a mistake,

But you did too. 

Your face is fading,

but the memories stay.

daddy, daddy

I know you'll always be here.

I'm not falling apart anymore,

But I'm haunted.

Haunted by your memories,

Haunted by your soul,

But you're always there.

Just like a father should.

I'm haunted.

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