Family Vacation - It Was a Mistake Series

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A single flower,

falls into the sea.

It ripples,

and drips into the sand.

How did I become,

Something that people can see?

I want to flow with the sea

each petal floating

all on it's own

Forming a single family.

I want to have a life

out of this spotlight.

I want to be normal,

But what does that mean?

I'm gonna

Jump! Jump! Jump!

all over the beach.

I'm gonna

swim! swim! swim!

Until the day is gone.

I wanna watch the sunset

I wanna watch it rise.

There's nothing like spending,

Family time together.

I wanna watch a single flower

Fall into the sea.

I'm gonna

Jump jump jump

All over the beach.

I'm gonna 

Swim swim swim

until the day is done.

I wanna watch the sunset.

I wanna watch it rise.

There's nothing like spending

Family time together.

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