Time to Fly - It was A Mistake Series

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It's your life

Whatcha gonna do?

Let the world control you.

Walk past the entrance

Luggage in tow.

Afraid to go forward,

But scared to go back.

One last look as you get on the gate.

Time to move on,

Get control of your life.

Lift off,

Cuz it's time to fly.

It's time to fly.

Time to step it up,

Buckle up

Fake a smile

Time to be you.

It's time to fly.

Highest tree floats out of sight,

Gray cloud overhead.

You're runnin' away,

But the storm don't stop.

That's when you know,

It's time to fly.

Time to move on.

Step it up,

Fake a smile,

get your strength again.

Because it's time to fly.

It's your life,

still your life.

Whatcha gonna do?

Time to stand up and fly.

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