There For You - It Was a Mistake Series

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Everytime you look in that mirror,

I'll be there.

Everytime you see that picture,

I'll be there.

Whenever you look at your wrists,

I'll be there.

I'm there for you

Through all of the hurt.

I'm there for you

Whenever you're alone.

I'm the invisible

Shadow you always leave behind,

but I'm always gonna be there.

Just like a mother should.

I'll be there for you,

everytime you look in that mirror.

I'll be there for you,

Everytime you see my picture.

I'll be there for you,

even in your darkest of times.

Your mother is here,

just like she's always been.

She's here to tell you,

You can always make it through.

Just stay strong.

Because we're here for you.

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