You're Mine - It Was A Mistake Series

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You were singing on stage

in your little black dress.

Not a day has passed

since the day I asked you to say "I do."

You're mine, you're mine,

You're mine.

You put my pieces back together,

and I caught you every time you fell.

All those times we went through,

we're still standing strong today.

You're mine, you're mine,

I still can't believe

you're here at my side.

You're mine.

Our daughter was born

on a bright sunny day,

but you screamed in anger

because you couldn't be outside.

I laughed at first,

but brought you a flower the next day.

I just wanted to see your smile.

If I could hug you all day,

I would..

Tell you it's all okay,

and kiss you to show you

I love you.

I still can't believe you're mine.

You're mine, you're mine.

Twenty years under our wing now,

and I think I'm falling in love even more.

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