Chapter 13

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Author's Notes: OMG! I can't believe it either... finally... someone figured it out! And even better, it was Rachel. Some were hoping it would be Adam so he could dump Hoe-Liana's sorry ass... but, isn't this (almost) just as good? Kind of? Anyways, too bad if you feel that way! There is nothing to be done, but enjoy the updates and hope Hoe-Liana FINALLY gets what she deserves! Toodles! ~~Alex

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Rachel was finally seen THE LIGHT. Patrick, Patrick, Patrick <3  

What took her so damn long? Sheesh, woman.  

Anyways, I don't think Adam should die. But I don't think they should get back togezzer, you know? Rachel needs waaaaaaay better. Someone like Mark :(  


I feel bad for her and Patrick. Please let them have a happy life. :D"

Today's quote is by... surahh.

Trust me; I read every single one of you guys' rants and detailed death wishes for Hoe-Liana; and I love them all! Keep 'em coming!

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As soon as Walter was satisfied with his precious popcorn, I ran out the door, heading towards their minivan.

"Maybe it would be better if I drove... you're agitated, and not thinking rational. Plus, Walter got you hyped up on sweets... why, Walter?"

"I didn't think of the consequences..."

Okay, so I'm slightly hyped up on sweets; at least I didn't go for the beer!

We got to Adam's house in about twenty minutes. The ride was painfully long.

But I darted out of the car, and luckily for me the car stopped moving at that moment.

I rang the doorbell over and over again.

No one seemed to be answering.

I could hear the conversation going on inside.

I was mumbling incoherently to myself, and I heard Kia telling someone it was me at the door. I guess that encouraged them to open the door, because the door finally opened. I looked up to see a perplexed Adam.

If I weren't so crazy because of the huge amount of sweets I had consumed thanks to Walter, I might have been calmer and more rational about this all.

"Where is Hoe-Liana, that lying, deceiving, kidnapping son of a bitch?"

I spoke with fire in my tone and in my eyes, and I was determined to get to the bottom of this all.


I shoved past him, letting myself in.

"Why, come in...?"

I walked straight towards the kitchen to get some tea to calm me down. I made some quickly, drank it and felt a wave of relief wash over me. I felt much better.

This is it; if I'm going to get to the bottom of this, I've got to come clean.

"Can we talk alone?"

A look of hope flashed through his eyes, and he agreed immediately.

I followed him into his room.

"I... I was hoping I'd get to see you again, after what happened."

Looks like I've got to get this over with, as well.

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