Chapter 16

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Author's Notes: I am SO, SO, SOOOOOOOOOO sorry I haven't updated in so long! I've jus been so busy with school, friends, volleyball, I didn't have much time! Plus, I was a little stuck. I had it written out, but when I looked over it, I didn't like the direction I was taking this. It made it far too long. I hate to say it, but this series is almost over. It will most likely end in the early twenties, if not twenty. It hurts me, too, but life must go on. I will come out with a new story when this one is over. I'll make a poll or something so you guys decide! Rate. Message. Banners! ~~Alex

Quote of the day: "How about this: I can 'take care' of Bridget for Rachel. Seriously, what has she ever done for Rachel? Hmmm? Other than take up space and waste food, then completely turn against her? Gosh, I think Hoe rubbd off on Bridget. Hey, how bout ths for a nickname: Bitch-let? Haha, I crack myself up :D" -longtime321

Okay, I can't believe I almost forgot this! One AMAZING fan dedicated a song to my story! ISN'T THAT AWESOME? I was so happy, and I LOVED it! Here it is so all of you can see it- (thanks SO much to 'vampireloveroffangs'! You, my friend, ROCK!)

Love is like heaven,  

but it can hurt like hell, (x2)  

I'm tryin' to move on with my life,  

I'm tryin' to forget you. 

Why can't I just move on, 

why'd I have to love you? 

life's too short, 

to play this sport, 

day and night I'm lost in thought, 

as I think about you! (x2) 

love is like heaven, 

but it can hurt like hell, 

can't you see that you've trapped me here? 

Took my heart which I held so dear. 

How can I move on,  

when I'm still in love with you? 

Love is like heaven,  

but it can hurt,  

like hell! 

Like hell!  

It can hurt like,  


Thank you, so much! ~~Alex


I sat on my bed, just sitting there, contemplating what a horror movie my life had turned out to be. How is it possible that someone as sick and vain as Hoe-Liana turned out to be my sister? How is it possible that Bridget, my blood sister, likes Hoe-Liana, her technical sister, more than me? How can she side with her after all that Hoe-Liana's done to me? I felt myself crying soon after. I glanced up at my light blue walls which were filled with pictures of stars I'd met, my friends, Adam, Patrick, and my family. But all that I had seemed to be disintegrating once more. My life was a roller coaster, filled with ups and downs, u-turns to the left and to the right. I just never knew when something good or something really bad was going to happen. A lot of people would love to live a life that was exciting and unpredictable, but not me. I wish I had some say in this.

I mean, on the bright side, Adam proposed. He proposed. But my own sister hates me. And my technical sister absolutely despises my guts. Bridget will never forgive me when she hears of the proposal. She'll be sure to tell Hoe-Liana, and she'll put a stop to it. Why can't I just live a happy, normal life for once? Is that too much to ask?


"No, no, no, this simply will not due! I specifically said sky blue, not pale pink! They don't even sound the same! How did you mix that up?" Sierra yelled at the poor girl who was in charge of the decorations.

"Angel cake? Rachel hates angel cake!" Kia barked through the phone. "I don't care if it tastes heavenly! I specifically asked for vanilla!"

I stood contemplating where we'd chosen to have the wedding reception. It was in this beautiful area near the beach, and I just adored it. Adam chose it. He knows me so well!

"Vroom, vroom, I'm a car, mommy! I'm a car!" Patrick yelled happily. I grinned at him, and wished I were five again. It was so easy back then.

"Go, Patrick! Go run over Drew!" I shouted with a grin.

Drew turned around just as Patrick crashed into him. "Darn you, Rachel! What kind of example are you setting for your child?"

I grinned even wider. "A good one?"

He rolled his eyes.

Outside, reporters and paparazzi were trying desperately to get in, to be the first to get all the inside details on my wedding with Adam. It was all over. Right besides me was a tabloid magazine with this as the cover:

Wedding Bells are Ringing! Singer/Songwriting Sensation Rachel Anderson to Marry Adam Hart on September 15th, 2009!

And below was a picture they'd managed to sneak of Adam, Patrick and I. The press went wild when they found out I had a son. They went absolutely berserk when the wedding with the child's father was announced. You know who else went wild? Hoe-Liana; she went crazy. She showed up at Adam's house, then at my house, yelling and screaming. It was not pretty. Bridget backed her up completely. She even refused to be a bridesmaid. I couldn't pick a maid of honor. So Sierra and Kia are both maids of honor. I don't care if it's not the thing I'm supposed to do, I wasn't about to choose between them.

Anyways, the area that was chosen was exquisite. There were walls surrounding it, kind of like a castle, so that nobody unwanted could sneak in. The grass was green, there were flowers everywhere already, and the sun shone brightly. I had chosen a fall wedding because the fall is so beautiful, with all of the colors and the breezy airs. I love it. In exactly two weeks, I will officially be Mrs. Adam Hart. How many times I've scribbled that in my notebook. I have a whole notebook just filled with that from my high school years when I still hadn't had the guts to tell Adam how I felt. And I'm still glad I did. True, there have been many complications, but if I hadn't, I'd be miserable and Patrick-less. And that would be horrible. I didn't really have a lot of work to do, I had some, but I couldn't call it a lot. Kia and Sierra were helping, Adam was helping, Patrick was trying to help, (although Spiderman party favors were out of the question) and even Drew was (sort of) helping.

I noticed that the reporters got even noisier. I looked over and saw that Adam was trying to get in. Damn paparazzi; why can't they just back off and let me be? Eventually Adam managed to get in without letting any of them in. He ran over to me, smiling in a boyish way. I smiled back and he grabbed me by the waist. I rested my head on his shoulder, breathing in his musky scent. "I missed you."

Adam had been gone for a whole week, helping his dad with some business. While I had been gone, Adam's uncle Ray was convicted for I don't know what, something to do with him using his company in all the wrong ways to make more money. He went to jail, and Adam's father was given all responsibility of it, and now Adam has some of that responsibility. It's in Boston, so we'll most likely move out there after the wedding. We will of course bring Kia, Drew and Sierra along.

Smiling at me, he said, "I missed you, too."

I held on to him for a while more, then he grabbed my hand and we walked off to see how the wedding preparations were going. For once, things might be looking up a little. Oh, God; did I just jinx myself again?

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