Chapter 8

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Author's Notes: I probably should have mentioned this before. Rachel and Sierra were in Hollywood, recording Rachel's new album, but now they're back in NYC, the Big Apple! Okay, I have a question for all of you Wattpadders... Quizillaers are totally welcome, obviously: do you know how to make a banner? I would love to see the creative pieces you guys make for this story! Ooh! I know! I'm going to make a banner contest! You guys submit your best, or your worst, all of them! Because maybe what you think is awful I think is amazing! You never know! Contest ends January, 21st, 2010! Good luck to all of y'all! ~~Alex

Quotes of the Day: (In no particular order!)

"I must let you know before i start screaming that i love your stories and i think you are an amazing writer now.! How SHIZZAMACRAP AGAin why is Darling Patrick with the evil SLUT Ricky is dead but hes getting his ASSS KICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So is JULIANA aka "UBER BITCH" I hate her SOOOO mcuh WHAT THE HELLLL!! Does she even relize that NOONE LIkES HER LIKE NO One WHy is she stilll her :( :( :( :( NOw if she were to UUhh i don't know DIE A LSOW PAINFUL DEAt Those frown would pop right upside down. SUpa FASSSTTT LIke legit But anyway I LOVE LOVE LOVe your story i would do a banner but my computer is ancient> But keep writing your relly good!!!" -SuperGleek (Quizilla)

"Go adam keep on going with the i dont believe u. also just try to get it in ur pipsqueak brain that it take 1 year be4 u have the baby the kid is 4 so that would mean u hav known her 4 5 years but u didnt u hav only known her 4 4 years there4 that couldnt hav been both of yours kid then look at the kid and think oh he looks like me but the only person i had S.E.X with 5 years ago was Rachelle hey this kid looks like Rachelle 2. See was so hard i could figure that out and its not even my life! Oh and Adam i hav a message 4 u 2 give 2 the Slut. Dear Slut, Dont try saying this letter isnt 4 u because look at ur outfit and u no u r lying. Anways im going 2 be nice as can be about this... Ok so... nevermind i tried it didnt work lets do it the rite way. WAT DO U KNOW? DONT SAY NOTHING U LYING SCUM BAG! HOW DID U KNOW RICKY? HOW DID U GET CHILD MOLESTING HANDS ON LITTLE PATTY? THATS RITE I KNOW HES RACHELLE AND I KNOW U DO 2. DONT TRY SAYING HE ENDED UP ON UR DOORSTEP EITHER CAUSE I SEE RIGHT THROUGH HO LIES. NOW Y Y DID U DO IT HUH HUH SLUT? I WAQNBT THESE ANSWERS BARBIE AND I WANT THEM NOW U WANNABE! IN CASE U R 2 STUPID 2 READ AND REALIZE IM FUMING GO HAV ADAM READ IT OR BETTER YET HAV KIA READ IT 4 U SO SHE CAN HELP KNOCK SOME SENSE IN UR CLUELESS PLASTIC BEEP BEEP BEEP HEAD OF URS. ANYWAYS HAND OVER LITTLE PATTY A MOVE CROSS COUNTRY AND NOONE GETS HURT K. UNLESS U WANT ME TO COME OVER AND DO IT BY FORCE WHICH WILL NOT BE FUN... 4 U! With Hate, ShopDivaKels97 P.S. sleep with 1 eye open!" -ShopDivaKels97 (Wattpad)

"I think Adam is a fuckin idiot I agree with shopdivakels97 It takes 1-9 months 2 give birth That slut Is so stupid she could @ least did the math Stupid hoe baby stealer Gosh she needs 2 go bck 2 highschool Mayb a tutor I'll tutor that hoe I'm only 13 but prob way smarter I bet the. Only way she graduated is cuz she seduced the teachers she is such a bitch I HATE her. N Adam is a freakin idiot cnt he c wats goin on He's so stupid he jus keeps lettin himself get played Idk how he cnt c through her lil fake piece of shot act Poor lil pat is prob terrified cuz he has 2 c the bitches face N thinks that slut is his mommy he is prob ashamed of her even. @ his age he knos I feel bad 4 her real kid ugh I would b ashamed N aaawwweeee she has a date hope Adam sees them 4 he culd feel hurt " -imavampirechickx3 (Wattpad)

"Oooooooo fuddgggeeeee!!!! More drama drama drama......i LIKE it!! XD plleeaassseee uuupppppllllooooaaaddd sssooooonnnn!!! aannnddd iii ddooonnnttt kkknnnoooowwww yyy iii ammm ppuuutttiiinnngggg eexxxtttrraa llleeetteeerrrssss ooonnnn thhhiiisss!!!! and i hope that H03 dies.....thats right....i went there......and came back......and bought popcorn along the way............sweet......not buttery.............ok thats it i promise!!!" -thatsnotmyname (Wattpad)

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