Chapter 3

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Author's notes: This chapter is in 3rd POV, so don't be confused!

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"HA HA HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA *wipes tears from eyes* dat my internet buddie was brilliant!!!!! but i feel bad for adam.....the two of them need to have a little discussion about *cough cough* the kid and y the heck the two of them have been avoiding each other when they obviously still love each other!!!!!! oh well the time will come when those screws r tighted in their heads and everyhing comes together.....until then.......write more soon" -brittni27


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"Hey... what is this...?" Kia mumbled to herself as she studied the day's mail.

"What's what?" Drew asked, grabbing her waist from behind.

She giggled, and thrust the fat envelope in front of his face. "This."

He had a perplexed expression on his face, and his eyebrows crinkled in his puzzlement.

"What the...?" he muttered.

"Juliana finally left. She needs to get the message that when she wants to gossip, that's what she has her girlfriends for," Adam declared. He stopped in his tracks. "What's that?"

"That's what we were just wondering."

Kia nodded her head vehemently.

Drew let go of Kia and took the envelope.

He opened it, and inside was another envelope.

He took it out and threw the external one to the side.

"Omigod," Kia breathed as she saw the sender's name.

It read: Rachel Anderson.

Date Sent: September 16th, 2006

Adam snatched it out of Drew's hands and ripped the envelope open.

There were three letters inside: One addressed Kia, one addressed Drew, and the last addressed Adam in big, bubbly letters.

Kia's read,

How's it hanging, Kia? I know, I know, I'm probably the principle candidate for the 'Worst BFF Award' for not communicating earlier. But, I promise u, I had a good (enough) reason for it!! And I can HONESTLY say there was no way I could've communicated earlier. I'm writing a letter, aren't I? Me, city girl Rachel!!!! Anyways, I MISS U!!!!!!! All of y'all!!!! Ain't y'all an awesomeness word? I think it is!!!!! I wanna be back in Springfield so freaking bad!!!!!! I know ur probably reading this and about a gajillion, quadrizillion, multiplillion questions are running through ur head ATM!!!!!!!!! But I PROMISE I'll answer all of em when I can talk face to face! JUST WRITE BACK!!!!!!!!! Think of this as a pen-pal thingy!!!! Internet, email, and phone are off limits for me. And no, I am not in juvy!!!! Yet. Tee hee!!! I hope to see all of y'all SUPER DUPER soon coz frankly life sucks butt without u, my crazy peeps!!!!!!!!! Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!

XOXO Rachel

Kia laughed and cried at the same time and Adam felt a tug in his chest.

This was so obviously Rachel. Unlike the message.

Drew's read,

Hiya, Drew!!! What's up? The ceiling, that's what!!! Ah. That never gets old!!!! NEVER!!! And don't u forget it!!!! I miss u and ur crazy weird outbursts!!! Ur like my student, my future juvy cell mate!!! Or maybe prison!!!! Nobody I meet will ever be as... special as u!!! I hope u and Kia aren't breaking too many beds!! LOL!!! And did'ja know u can get arrested for EPDA! (Extreme public display of affection) so u better watch it buddy!!!!!!! Keep it in its cage!!!!!! I don't wanna go into details so I'll just leave it at that!!!!!!! WRITE BACK U CRAZY MONKEY!!!!!! I wanted to put it in words u might understand!!!! Did it work? Just write!! L8r!!

XOXO Rachel

And Adam's- the longest- was taken by Adam to read by himself in his room.

It read,

Hey, my sexy lover!!! I'm just kidding!! JK!!! Unless u like the nickname... then I'm not kidding!!! I MISS U!!! I MISS U!!! I MISS U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A LOT!!!!!!! U would not believe how suckish my life is without u!!! So much has happened, especially one BIG thing (well not physically big anyway) that I wanna tell u, but in person!!!! It's super important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I wanna tell u just EVERYTHING!!! A play by play of my life that will most likely bore u to tears but u will go through anyways just coz u love me!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I hope u still do!! My heart tells me I do, but then again my heart was wrong once before. I though it was heartburn but really it was just gas!!!!!! Did I really just say that? Er, write that? I am such a freak!!!!! I've wanted to contact u the minute I left SO bad but I couldn't!!!!!! and I was THIS close to doing it a bunch of times but then the facts would hit me square in the face and I'd remember why I hadn't contacted u before! It literally broke my heart! And that just showed my how much I need u!!!!!!!!!!!! which is a lot!!!!!!!! I probably sound like some clingy girlfriend. And maybe I'm just making a fool of myself writing this for some reason, like maybe u moved on which I would totally understand, well, kinda my brain would kinda be forced to understand but I'd probably throw a sissy fir or something but hypothetically I'd understand though it would break my heart and it breaks my heart to picture u with another girl. But I know it could happen. My heart tells me it hasn't happened, and it wont but then again, it was wrong about the gas. I hope none of this is true of course. Coz it would be just awful and I cant even think of a word to describe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should shut up now one because I'm rambling, two because my hand hurts from writing, and three and most importantly coz I have to pee!!!!!!!!!!! Wow that was TMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to watch my mouth!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I hope to hear from u REAL SOON!!!! And I love u always!!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forever & always! I think ya get it... bye!!!!!

XOXO Rachel

That was the first night in a very long time that Adam cried himself to sleep.

However, about a half hour later, Kia and Drew burst in and said they needed to talk.

The topic was excruciatingly, painfully painful and obvious: Rachel.

"I don't wanna talk about it," Adam muttered, trying to make it seem like the tears he'd cried didn't exist by stealthily wiping them away.

"Dude, too late. I already know you were crying. I cried, too. So did Kia. Quit trying to buff up."

But something just didn't make sense.

"Something isn't making sense," Kia said.

"Tell me about it."

"The message; it was sent a month after she left. This was sent like four months afterwards. Or maybe five... it doesn't make any sense."

"Should we listen to it again? To refresh our minds and see what we're dealing with here?" Kia suggested.

"I don't think I could bear listening to it again."

Adam looked... broken.

"Well, like Rachel used to say, "'Man up, you wussy.'"

Kia rummaged through the old box Adam kept underneath his bed and took out his old phone.

She called voicemail, and Adam cringed at what he knew was coming.

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