Chapter 12

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Author's Notes: Okay, so I've noticed that a few of you fervently despise Adam... well, one of you seriously despises him. (I think you know who you are!) Give him a break! Yes, I know he really doesn't deserve one at the moment, but they both made mistakes. And it wasn't entirely his fault; there was Ricky and Hoe-Liana. I love Adam too much to forsake him! And I'm really sorry if that disappoints some of you! ~~Alex

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Hell yeah you tell him girlfriend!!!!!! Damn, Patrick is a smart kid wanting Rachel to be his Mommy. I hope Adam goes and kills himself; better yet, I'll do it for him! HERE'S THE PLAN: I go find him and knock him out from behind, and then I tie him up and put large amount of duck tape on his legs in various spots. I'll punch him in the stomach a few times and in his area then rip off the duct tape slowly and painfully till he starts screaming for his Mommy. Then I'll force him to sit through the extended version of the Hannah Montana Movie (shudders) surrounded by annoying little brats. Then, I'll have Bikini Boy (American Idol) give him a lap dance and sing Achy Breaky Heart. I'll also have Hoe-liana (good name, by the way) do a strip tease in front of him and when his eyes start to burn I'll shove him over a cliff that's low enough not to kill him but high enough to intensely injure him. I'll find the Sorcerer's Stone from Harry Potter to bring Mark and his sister (can't forget her, can we?) back to life and they will live happily ever after while Adam is in a coma and Hoe-liana spends life in prison for Child Abuse and 1,405 accounts of being a Bitch.

~I'm out, Haters~ Longtime321"


I ran as if my life depended on it. It broke my heart to do so.

I wanted to stay. I wanted to make up with Adam.

I stopped running; I ran out of breath.

I sat down on the cold, wet ground and screamed into my hands.

Why can't I hate Adam? Why do I only seem to be able to hate myself for not being able to hate him? It makes no sense.

But this is all a distant dream that I fervently wish would become a reality. I mean, he has a kid with Juliana. I couldn't separate them, no matter how much I hate Juliana.

Poor little Patrick; he has Juliana as a mother. It doesn't seem as if he likes her much, though. It actually seems he likes me more, and he just met me; that doesn't say much good about Juliana.

Sometimes I think God is trying to torture me; I know, he would never do that, but what other reason is there for all of this? I mean, basically rubbing Patrick in my face? That's what I named my baby! And he died. And Adam was his father... and he would be about Patrick's age right now... and he's blonde... and he has my eyes... and he's like me... that means... no... that couldn't be...

Omigosh, how have I been so blind? How could I have been so dense?

Patrick is my son...

I shot up and ran, yelling for a taxi. Finally one stopped, and I hopped on.

I instructed him towards Tina and Walter's house.

At first he was a little flustered I was in his taxi, me, Rachel Anderson; but then I told him to put a sock in it and drive.

I apologized for being so rude, and he didn't seem to have any trouble at all in forgiving me.

Finally, the taxi parked in front of Tina and Walter's small, suburban home.

I jumped out of the car and dashed towards the front door, ringing the doorbell fervently.

A surprised Tina opened the door.

"I have to talk to you guys; now!"

She was flustered, but nevertheless let me in.

Walter bounced into the living room, announcing he brought popcorn. "Walter," I said fiercely. "Forget the popcorn!"

He gasped. "But... it has butter!"

I rolled my eyes. "Forget. About. The. Popcorn!"

He frowned, but put it down.

"Thank you. Now, I..."

How in the heck am I being so calm?


I shouted this at the top of my lungs.

Tina and Walter appeared a little startled at the volume of my voice, but when the message sunk in they became even more startled.

Tina spoke calmly; "Rachel. It's okay. We can get you help; money is not an issue."

"You guys think I'm on drugs? God forbid," I breathed.

I took in a deep breath and explained everything to them.

"Okay, remember Hoe-Liana, AKA my nemesis? Well, recently she suddenly appeared with a little boy, named Patrick, who is the age my Patrick would be by now, which is four. His father is Adam, she claims, he's blonde, and no one in her family is blonde, and he has hazel eyes, and he likes me; how much more proof do you need?"

To say they were shocked would be an understatement.

"Well, what are you still sitting here for? Let's go find your son!"

I smiled gratefully and bolted towards the door.


I sighed; how is Walter considered an adult?

Nevertheless, I walked back towards the living room so we could have a quick snack beforehand.

God forbid.

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