Hey. I told you. I'd do this. And I did.


~Ty's POV~

Everyone was practicaly trampling eachother trying to get downstairs. Don't ask me how they all knew to go downstairs,maybe it's human nature to be private? I don't know.

Mitch jumped over the banister and ran to the computer chair. I tried to get to the other chair but Adam beat me to it. "You jag." I said laughing as I sat down on the cold yet carpeted floor, Jerome sat beside me "Who's first?"

I swear we sat there atleast 5 minutes looking at eachother. Then Jerome piped up "Alright, Ty, Truth or dare?" dammit. "Uhhh, Dare?"

" You just made a terrible decision." Mitch said, giving me the 'You're screwed' face. "Alright, I dare you too..."

Both Adam and Mitch immedietly started coming up with ideas "Go outside naked! Lick the wall! Stick your hand in the garbage!" luckily, Jerome didn't pick any of it.

"Kiss Adam." Okay, nevermind. Not so lucky. Adam looked at Jerome with a special kind of 'friend' anger. Not serious, but I'm gonna beat you up after this kinda anger. Jerome just shot back with a 'Whatcha gonna do?' face.

"You gonna do it? Or are ya gonna chicken out?" Jerome shot back "Oh, and it has to be on the lips." I thought I would get away with it on the forehead. Dammit.

I sat there for a good 30 seconds. "Does it count if I do it to him?" Adam said, that surprised me. Honestly. But, then again, Adam didn't easily back down from challenges.

"Sure, why not?" Jerome said, shrugging. I'm surprised Mitch managed to keep quite during all this, he'd usually be yelling at us to kiss already.

Before I could react to Jerome saying sure, Adam kissed me, smack dab on the lips. I pushed him off and laughed. "Awkard." Adam said, blushing and shrugging.

To be completely honest with you. I think he enjoyed it.

"ALRIGHTY THEN." I said purposley loud, "Adam, truth or dare?" "And don't kiss Ty again, please." Mitch said smugly. "Truth,"  Adam replied.

"Something you've never told anyone. Ever."

~Adam's POV~

I'm going to be honest with you.

I wanted to kiss Ty.

Gay, right? I didn't think much of it. Like a little weird crush you get on someone but you don't actually want to date. One of those ones.

But, I wanted to date him.Ty didn't know yet, but I was bi. Then Ty asked me "Truth or dare?" I was taken aback by it, I didn't think he'd want to talk to me for the rest of the night.

Then Mitch, being the jag he is, replied with "And don't kiss Ty again." God dammit Mitch. In reply to that, I said "Truth."

That got Mitch by surprise.

"Something you've never told anyone. Ever."

This was unexpected. I wanted to get my Bisexuality off my chest. I could've said anything else, anything. But I didn't want too. I wanted this off my chest.

"You really want me to tell you? Honestly?" Of course he did, I was unsure of saying this now, "Yeah, I do." He replied sarcastically. Of course. I've dragged this out long enough.

I let out a large sigh.

"I'm bi."

No one said a thing. Jerome just had his mouth gaped open and Mitch just looked at me funny. Ty looked like he didn't know what to think. Was he thinking about the kiss? Did he think I fell for him?

A minute passed by.

"Good job getting that off your chest buddy." Mitch said at last. He leaned over and patted me on the back.

That felt good. So much better now.

Jerome looked at me funny, moving a single eyebrow up and down. I knew what he was hinting at. "No." I lied.



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