Hold Me Tight (Sequel To Hush My Baby) BoyxBoy

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Fours years and time has flown.

I thank God every night for blessing me with such a loving, understanding and caring man that is my husband. Raven and I have only gotten closer over the past couple of years and I love him unconditionally.

As I sit at the kitchen table of our new refurbished home, I watch as Raven is busying himself by the stove, cooking pancakes and wearing nothing but an apron. I grin more as I think back to our big wedding...

We stand there, face to face as I clasp Raven's hands in mine, tears shining in his beautiful, bright eyes. I can feel our families eyes on us but I can't bear to tear my gaze away from my soon to be husband. The priest looks at us with admiration, clasping his hands together and smiling at us softly.

"Do you, Raven Diablo, take Drake Sullivan to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Raven looks up at me through teary eyes, giving my hand a gentle squeeze, he says proudly in a strong voice. "I do."

I shift where I stand, tugging not so discretely at the collar of my dress shirt, hating the way it's done up all the way and cutting off my air. Raven seems to notice and sends me a sly smile, causing me to remember what he said a few days before our wedding 'I look forward to ripping that shirt off you and pulling you into our room by just your tie'...

Smirking back at him, I watch Raven blush and the priest clears his throat, raising an eyebrow and I grin at him. "And do you, Drake Sullivan, take Raven Diablo to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

I pause, staring deep into my fiancé's beautiful blue eyes before whispering softly. "I do."

"Well then, what are we waiting for? You may now kiss! I hope you both have a wonderful life together."

And with that, I close the small space between us and run my fingers through Raven's styled hair, cupping his cheek as I do so. He stares up at me, in awe and love as tears run down his face freely and I give him a weak smile, wiping away my own tears.

"I love you." He croaks, lacing his hands round the back of my neck.

I pull him close, oblivious to the guests watching, my lips come crashing into his and I kiss him with as much love and happiness that I can put into that one kiss. Rather reluctantly, I pull away to find a breathless and flushed looking Raven and the guests clapping and cheering.

"I love you too, forever."

He crushes me to his chest, clinging to me just like I am to him before grabbing my hand, lacing our fingers together and walking down the ail. People clap and cheer still and I glance over to see Mel with tears in his eyes and a huge smile on his face whilst he claps. My mother is clapping and giving me a small, secret smile whilst her scumbag boyfriend is no where in sight.

We make our way to reception in the back of a sleek, black limo. As soon as we are behind the tinted windows, his mouth is on mine. Hot and needy as he straddles my lap, taking me by surprise but I quickly respond back, biting and nipping on his lower lip and causing him to gasp.

We make it there all too soon for our liking and we slowly pull away from each other, both of us grinning from ear to ear as we make it into the large area where tables are set up and there's a big black and white cake, small flowers running down the cake and making it look more feminine.

Smiling at one another, everyone crowds round and Mel is at the front, grinning at us both and shouting out rather inappropriate things that make everyone erupt into laughter as we get sorted and I stand behind Raven, both our hands on the knife as it slowly sinks into the beautiful cake.

"Finally! I've been wanting to eat this since I walked in!" Ella exclaims, making everyone laugh more before eagerly coming up and grabbing a plate of cake and eating it right away. 

Once that's finished, it's then our first dance and as we walk on the dance floor, I take Raven's warm hands in mine. He looks up and raises an eyebrow. This is the only part that I said he couldn't organise, I would pick the first song and lead whilst Raven got to plan the rest of the wedding how ever he liked.

As the song started to play, I begin to move at a leisurely, easy pace and I grin slightly as I notice Raven glancing down to look at our feet from time to time as we glide across the floor. Everyone is quiet, watching and smiling, some even crying again as they watch us.

'I'm feeling like forever, just showed up at my door..'

We twirl round and I peck him softly on the cheek before continuing our slow dance, his hands gripping mine as he looks up at me in surprise and awe. See, I think to myself, I can be romantic.

'I've got a little piece of heaven, it's all mine to hold onto...'

I meet his gaze before whispering the lyrics softly in his ear. "I want you to be my last first kiss..." He grips my hands and before I realise it, the song has finished and the flash of cameras and phones invades our sight before more people start to huddle round us and dance to a more up beat song.

Taking Raven's hand, we greet some of the guests before sitting down in a secluded part of the large room, people taking no notice of us as kids rush by squealing in delight and chasing one another whilst others dance and laugh, drinking and socialising.


I glance down. "Yes baby?"

"I'm so glad your mine." He plants a soft kiss on my lips and I embrace him, closing my eyes as I relax.

"I'm so glad your mine too.. Mr Sullivan."

Raven pulls back to grin and me before reaching for his wine glass and holding it up. "To us."

"To us." I clink my glass with his before drinking it all, placing it back on the table and smiling over at Raven as he starts talking to one of his little nephews, his voice getting softer as he speaks to him. I can't help but think, god how did I get so lucky....

"What are you thinking so hard about?"

I glance up from my place in the kitchen to see Raven looking over at me from across the table, smiling shyly and raising an eyebrow. "Our wedding day, it was beautiful."

"It was perfect." He replies, leaning over to kiss my cheek.

"It's a shame you have to go back to work tomorrow.. I've enjoyed having you all to myself for the past week." I find myself pouting and Raven chuckles, rolling his eyes as he sits back in his seat.

"Yes, well, this way you can go catch up with Ella, who's been harassing me since yesterday."

I raise an eyebrow. "Why would I go catch up with her if she's annoying you?"

He grins and I frown before catching on and groaning dramatically. "You can't be serious! You've arranged for me to take your place, she's your sister!"

"She's part of your family now too!"

Without saying a word, I rise from my seat and  pounce on him, picking him and slinging him over my shoulder. He laughs loudly, the sound making my heart skip a beat as its such a wonderful thing to hear. I smirk as I make my towards the bedroom, my intentions clear.

He begins to struggle, slapping my ass and squirming in my arms.

"Oh no you don't. If I have to put up with your sister for god knows how long tomorrow, then I get to keep you up all night..."

And with a giggle, he surrenders. Kicking the door shut behind us, I stick to my word and keep him up all night, much to his pleasure...


Surprise, I'm back :P

A sequel at last and I hope you all enjoyed this so far. I wasn't sure whether to put the last scene in or not but hey ho, got to love Drake and Raven's playful banter.



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