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We were right, The guy's loved the the Camero, and better yet there were loads of stares when we arrived at the Lockwoods mansion, People kept staring at me and Marni, do these people not have lives, It's not like we're care bears, oh wait, Jeremey is a care bear, thats why they're staring at us, haha

"People keep staring at us," Marni whispered to Jeremy

"Because you and Aura look beautiful," he replied

"No I think I've got a spot on my face, and Aura looks hot," said Marni, yeah right, I probably look like a chipanzee, god this attention is making me feel so uncomfotable why can't Jeremy be human and not a care bear

Suddenly the stares shifted to something else, Damon

Damon was wearing black suit pants and a black collared shirt, his hair was stylishly messy and he had a brilliant smile on his face.

He picked up his pace and stepped inbetween me and Marni,

"I'm suprised you haven't been attacked yet," whispered Marni

Yeah these people looked like they were about to attack at any moment, maybe they were, maybe they were... slytherine, shit how bad would that be, eew, they probably stink if the are.... Okay Aura, I have been watching too much Doctor Who, you can't judge me, it's and awesome TV show.

"Well my effect on people does make them do strange things." he said, I shook my head laughing,

I grabbed Ace's hand and walked in pracitally dragging him there,

"Hold up, walk slower," he said slowing me down, I rolled my eyes,

"C'mon lets have some fun," I said dragging him to the refreshments table,

"Who knew little Aura was a Bad Ass," he stated,

"I know right," I said handing him a drink, he chuckled but drank it anyway, after we grabbed another drink we walked over to where Stefan, Damon, Jeremy and Elena were standing,

"Hey peeps," I said when we reached them, Damon and Stefan nodded,

"Hey, you look nice," said Elena,

"Thanks" I replied, I turned around to see Marni talking with a strange guy, he was tall with dark hair and dark eyes and seemed kind of familular

"I'm gonna go talk to Marni," I said walking over to her, but when I got there the guy was gone,

"Hey who was that?" I asked

"Shadow," she said, wait don't I know a Shadow... no atleast I don't think so.

"And you know him how?" I asked

"It's the guy I saw in my visions," she said as if it was nothing and walked away, Okay, I'd ask about that later.

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