White-faced saki monkey

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Over the next few weeks I got even closer to Ace, I was usually at his house or he would be at mine, Mrs Micheals AKA Ace's mum was extremily nice too me, I didn't see the Mr Michealals at all due to him working long hours, I loved going to his house, it was like a second home to me, Damon was still a little cold to him but was getting better, Jer became one of my best friends, me him and Marni were the 3 amigos, Stefan finally told Elena about what we were and she reacted quite well, I wanted to tell Ace but I didn't know how, I didn't want to lose what I had with him, I was currently hanging off Ace's bed beating him in a game of COD,

"Ha, take that you son of a white-faced saki monkey!" I screamed cheering in victory, I got up and ran arounf the room a few times

"What?" he asked

"White-faced saki monkey," I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world,

"Okay? did you just make that up?" he asked

"No, they're actually real, they're pretty cool, awesome animals, the best in the world, actually no, Pandas are, or maybe Sloths, I don't know, there all cool,"

"You only won because let you win,"  he said,

"Yeah, and did you let me win the other 3 times?" I asked, he shook his head pouting, aw, he looked like a telly tubby, wait, no, Telly Tubbies are freaky, I mean how the hell do they communicate, I know! they're aliens here to abduct the children, Quick, alert he authorities, SAVE THE KI....

"Aura," said Ace shaking his hand infront of my face, oh, he must have been saying something to me,

"Hmm?" I said,

"I was asking if you would like to go to the Founders Party with me?" He asked, I smiled nodding, suddenly there was a huge earth quake, causing the floor to shake, Joking, it was only my stomache, Ace chuckled,

"Whats so funny Mr Micbeals, hm? do you find my hunger amusing?" I scolded him,

"Yes highly," he said smirking, I pouted,

"I was only joking, come on I think my mum made lasagna for us," he said side hugging me, I wonder who invented hugs? I mean..the first hug would have been soo awkward. it would have been like "what are u doing, why are you holding me???" "shhh just trust me"

We walked downstairs and we sat down at the dining table where all the food was already set out with a note on the table, Ace picked it up and read it out loud

I had to go out for some business, I made you lasagna, theres some cookie dough ice-cream in the freezer for you Aura dear, have fun xx

"I love your mum!" I said shuvelling the food into my mouth, aw heck this was nice, it tasted like rainbows, can you taste rainbows? if you could it would taste like this, no but wouldn't it be sweet? I have no idea, all I know is that this food is fucking fantastic, haha alliteration, we finished our food in peace and I went to grab the ice-cream, I got to spoons and walked back to sit next to George, we started eating and I got uneasy because of the silence, what can I say, I don't like silences,

"I eat baby turtles...wait no I don't...that would be animal cruelty, I'm not cruel... most of the time... I swe..." I kept babbling on until Ace stopped me,

"What are you on about?"

"I don't like silences," I said, Ace chuckled saying something like 'obviously'




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