Football and mutant aliens

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We walked to the football pitch and saw that Matt, Stefan and Jeremy talking.

"Hey little mutant aliens, anything happen while we were gone?" said Marni cheerfully

"No, but from what I heard in only 5 minutes you two had a fight, seriously, I thought it would be atleast a day before you two started some trouble," said Stefan with a frown on his face, oh come on, he's acting like it was our fault, what does he expect us to do, let every one walk all over us, well he if he does he's got another thing coming.

"Wow, good news does travel fast doesn't it," said Marni her smile getting even bigger, how was the possible

Just at that moment the captain of the football team and came and joined us, as soon as he did we all stood in a straight line, he introduced himself, his name was Tyler and told us what we needed to do to join the football team, as I looked around I noticed that me and Marni were the only girls here, and as if Tyler had only just noticed us he turned his attention to us and started to smile like a creep,

"I see that you’re the only girls here, I like that you’re not afraid to get dirty unlike all the other girls here, but the real question is which one of you two lucky girls wants to go out with me," he said in all seriousness, he was a creep, he actually thought we would go for him? I couldn't help but laugh at that

"Are you retarded?" asked Marni trying to stop her self from laughing

A group of people laughed and I heard Stefan, Matt and Jeremy chuckle too,

"Shut up squirt, I have more of a chance with her than you," He said turning to Jeremy scowling.

I knew what Marni was going to say, she wouldn't let anyone talk like that to her friends, even if they did just meet, I looked back and saw Jeremy had stopped laughing and was looking down blushing, aw he looked adorable

"I wouldn't be so sure about that if I were you; you see unlike every plastic girl covered in makeup, I'm not into smartass jerks like you."  She said with a smirk I heard a lot of people go 'Ooh' and turned around to smile at Jeremy, I knew Jeremy would light up at that and was right, like, you know...always, coz I am one smart bitch

"You really know how to break a guys heart don't you," He said in a mocking way then turned to me

"What about you," he said

"You really are desperate aren't you, but the thing is I only go out with guys who are attractive," I said, a lot more people laughed at that

"Okay guys enough, are we going to play or what," Said Matt and we were split up into 2 teams, me and Marni were on the same team.

We won the game 7-2 and the entire crowd cheered at the end of the game Jeremy walked up to us,

"Where the hell did you learn to play like that?" he asked in awe, Damon had taught us to play when we were young, I wasn't as good as Marni and Damon but I was pretty good, however I wasn't planning on playing football every break time.

"Our older brother Damon taught us when we were young," I said smiling at the memory

"Cool." he said, we walked in silence after that and I knew that they wanted to be alone so I made an exuse to talk to Stefan and left them alone, Stefan was with Jeremy's older sister Elena, who looked exactly like Katherine,

"Hey, you must be Elena, I'm Stefan's little sister, Aura, I'm in Jeremy's class with my sister Marni." I introduced myself

"Oh hey, I'm in Stefan’s class, but I have to go now, see you in class Stefan," she said and left,

"Where's Marni?" asked Stefan

"Oh, she's just over there talking to Jeremy, he's probably going to ask her out," I said getting giddy "So, that's Elena, you like her don't you?" I continued

"Yeah, she’s really nice, nothing like Katherine," He said and just as he did Marni came back

"I'm going to the grill after school with Jeremy," She said grinning from ear to ear, and I nodded.

Our next lessons weren't together, I was in biology and Marni was in geography, I went to lesson and sat in the back corner near the window, 5 minutes before class was about to begin Ace walked in and sat next to me.

I thought I'd try and be nice to the jackass and introduce myself but all I got in response was a grunt,

"Hey you know It's not nice to ignore people, it's basic manners," I said, but still I got nothing,

"Oh come on, you have a mouth, don't you know how to use it," I asked, then it dawned on me

"Oh my god, are you mute?" I asked with wide eyes, Ace chuckled and finally looked up chuckling, wow he had pretty eyes,

"No, I'm not mute, I just don't like talking," he said

"Why not, it's pretty fun," I said and he just smiled

"You must be new, no one around here has the guts to talk to me," he said

"Why not, I mean you're not scary," I said poking his face

"I don't know ask them," he said looking down

"So you have no friends," I asked

"What makes you think that?" he looked up with amusment in his eyes,

"Well if everybody is scared of you, that would mean you have no friends," I said, he just laughed and looked down putting his headphones in, well he's not as bad as I thought.




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