Waking up to the sound of Shouting

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I woke up to hear the sound of Marni having a fight with Damon, how could they be so loud so early in the morning, it was like they were freaking vampi.. oh wait, Damon was a vampire, let me just rephrase that, how could Marni be so loud in the morning?

We had only been here for a few weeks since we moved here and today me and Marni were going to school because Damon had somehow convinced me and Marni to go, but if I knew my older sister she would'nt go without her morning coffee, so me being the nice person I am prepared to make her some coffee, but first I had to do my daily morning rasheme. I got out of bed and quickly went to the bathroom and quickly washed my face and brushed my teeth then quietly went down stairs where I saw Stefan eating cheerio’s.

"Cheerio’s eh, cool choice, how come your getting ready so early?" I asked Stefan

"I'm going to go early with a girl I met at school, Marni and Damon wake you?" he asked

"Yep, I'm going to make Marni a cuppa coffee, 'cos you know, I'm a super sweet sister." I told him and started walking towards the cupboard and got the coffee out, when I was done making Marni's coffee I started walking up stairs and walked into Marni's room, as I walked in I saw that Damon had an irritated look in his eyes which meant that Marni had just done something weird or just plain stupid.

"Morning Marni, here's your coffee," I greeted as I handed her the cup.

"Thanks, Aura tell Damon to go away I don't like him anymore," she said taking her tongue out then taking a sip out of the coffee.

I grabbed Damons arm and said

"Come on leave her alone, you're already making her go to school, isn't that enough?"

"No not really, anyway aren't you supposed to get ready or are you going to go in monkey pyjamas?" he asked looking at my grey tank and monkey PJ's

"Maybe, monkeys are cool, everyone would be well jealous, psh, who am I kidding I should totally go with the cute black and white balls of fluff called panda PJ's," I answered, Damon sighed and rolled his eyes then walked down stairs while I went to my bedroom, I walked to the wardrobe and looked through all the clothes that I owned, I finally decided to wear a pink tank top with a black jacket with a pair of black skinnies, I slipped on some pink converse, I didn't like make up, so I left my face natural only applying chapstick to my lips, I then walked to the mirror and looked at my reflection, I didn't look half bad, both Marni and me had natural black hair but I had mine slightly longer and mine was curled unlike Marni's slightly wavy hair, I had bright blue eyes but Marni had beautiful green eyes from our mom, I sighed at the memory of her and walked downstairs. Damon was sat in his normal seat drinking a glass of bourbon and winked when I came down.

"Shut up you banana-tard, Marni not down yet?" I asked

"Banana-tard? and no she said she'll be down in 10 minutes. Come sit have a glass of bourbon," he said

"No, I'd rather have cheerio's, 'coz unlike you I don't like drinking in the morning," I answered and got a bowl out and started to pour the cereal in, then I walked to the fridge only to remember that I had used the last of the milk for Marni's coffee, the sacrifices I make for that girl, it took me a while to get over it and I got a spoon out and started eating it without milk, it didn't taste half bad.

After about 5 minutes after I had finished Marni came down wearing all black with a lot of eyeliner.

"Good to see you wearing my look," Damon commented as he got up,

"Black is not your look, anyway I don't see you wearing eyeliner," she said and walked to the fridge,

"Oh dear god, who finished the milk," she said with a dangerous look in her eye. "I will kill you using... using a toothpick,"

"I used it to make you coffee," I said and gave her a biscuit to eat instead, she took it with a big smile and then frowned turning to Damon

"Damon, why can't you go to school as well, you're probably going to have fun while we're stuck in lesson,"

"Because I am extremely handsome and too awesome to be stuck in a stuffy classroom with silly teenagers," he laughed and Marni snorted

"Yeah right, me and Aura are well more awesome than you could ever be" and I put my hand up to give her a high five, but before she could Damon used his vampire speed and accepted the high five for her,

"What the hell that was for Marni," I said with a frown

"Even if I let you drive?" He asked

"Really, can I, please I will love you forever," I said with a smile,

"Let me think about it? No!" he snorted

I crossed my arms and sat down with a frown, Damon had the best car ever.




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