Morgan inn  by themisunderstood03
Morgan inn by Pizzalover03
This isn't gonna be another love story. My life doesn't go like that, I've never had luck with my love life. I'm a very shy person ( when I first meet you that is ), but...
  • louis
  • madison
  • niall
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Being Marnis Little Sister by Ms_Pond
Being Marnis Little Sisterby Aqsa Ahsan
*Disclaimer - this book is based on another authors book 'Living with the Salvatores' its a pretty cool book and much better than mine* *Disclaimer 2 - not continuing th...
  • damon
  • funny
  • marni
We're in a whole lot of trouble (Niall Horan) by Reikiasoni
We're in a whole lot of trouble ( Mozzie
Niall Horan thinks that he's alone. Zayn has Perrie, Liam's got Danielle, And Harry and Louis have each other. But one day he meets a girl, who he thinks is for him, But...
  • were
  • trouble
  • niall
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King by madamekarlax
Kingby karla
• • • "i was a king under your control."
  • love
  • overrated
  • marni
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Escape. by sydni98 Sydni.
You can never escape your past. It will always find you. No matter how far you run. Can Marni outrun her past and live happily ever after or will it catch her? Find out...
  • deadlylove
  • tomlinson
  • marni
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Rebel Land by Abby1998
Rebel Landby Abby
In the land where the royals with no right to the throne are unfairly ruling, there is only one hope of up-rise and survival. Marni. Marni is an ordinary 13 year old gir...
  • marni
  • romance
  • love
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Reviewing What's HOT! by hbanana7642
Reviewing What's HOT!by Hannah Faith
I enjoy reading... a lot. But I hate wasting my time with stories that aren't any good. Even stories that are supposed to be great, aren't always... Like the stories on...
  • sorry
  • review
  • published
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Nine Boys, One Me. by iinnocently
Nine Boys, One princess
Marni and Dustin Price. The twins who have had a rough life. From their mother leaving, to their father beating them, and for Marni, being thrusted into a house, with ni...
  • cole
  • twins
  • nine
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Hulagens 101 by CVParamore
Hulagens 101by Cynlee
To make someone laugh can seem so easy but when you're up on stage with a mic in your hand and little sweat drops falling off your face . . . you're petrified . . . Of c...
  • interview
  • mistreat
  • history
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The Way Life Works by sockerstar101
The Way Life Worksby sockerstar101
Marni Abrams has the perfect life, perfect grades, perfect boyfriend, perfect family, perfect friends, and she's captain of a winning soccer team. What more could she wa...
  • fiction
  • marni
  • humor
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Something to Talk About: Becca's Story- Sister's at Heart Book 2 by APdreamgirl
Something to Talk About: Becca's APdreamgirl
THE SPIN OFF TO THE TIME OF HER LIFE: Becca Hughs has been Annie Watkins eccentric best friend for over ten years. She's also smart, witty, and studying to become a law...
  • kimble
  • enemies
  • secrets
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Tempted by MayaBeth
Temptedby Maya Beth
This is a fanfiction of Living with Damon and Stefan with My own little twist and quirks I hope you dont mind Dark-Violet
  • vampire
  • marni
  • mymysalvatore
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Kelsey and I fangirling over TVD on Facebook over a picture? ;] Yes, yes, you wish you were us.
  • jasmine
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Alpha Female by FrostyWolfe
Alpha Femaleby Camryn, Camy, or Frost
"ASHER" my mum yelled as she was pushed down the stairs by our Alpha, Alpha James. "MUM!" I screamed back tugging at the restraints on my wrists. &qu...
  • luna
  • cameron
  • alpha
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