Jacket stealing Mosquito's

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Ace walked me to my house and then set off to his own house, I decided to hang out out with Stefan today since we hadn't really talked since I had started school, so I made my way upstairs to Stefans room,

"My Eyes, my inoccent eyes," I screamed running back out, I heard Elena mumble a sorry and Stefan came out,

"You know theres something called knocking," he said,

"Really, I might try it if it avoids me seeing you shove your tongue down Elena throat," I said, I then decided to see what Marni was up to so I headed to Marni's room to see she was sat on her bed talking to Jeremy who was sat next to her,

"Well, aren't you too cosey," I said smirking causing them both blush,

I left the 2 love birds and went In my room for a while to relax waiting for Elena to go so I could chill with Stefan, and when she finally did I walked to Stefans room.

"Come in," I heard Stefan say, I walked in and sat next to him, he was writing on a peice of paper with a book next to him,

"What're you doing?" I asked

"English  Homework," he replied with a sigh, he finished it and put his stuff away then came and sat back next to me,

"Does Elena know what we are? like have you told her?" I asked

"No," he said

"Are you going to tell her?" I asked

"I don't know, what about you, are you going to tell Ace?" he asked me

"I want to, I really like him and I want an honest relationship," I said, just as a yawn escaped from my mouth, I felt my eyelids get heavier and I let the darkness cionsume me as I slept on Stefans shoulder, he was really comfy, like a marshmellow, haha marshmellows are cool,


I woke up in Stefans bed alone, I got up and went to my bedroom, I went into my ensuite to have a shower, I stripped my self and jumped in the shower, I turned on the hot water and just stood there for awhile letting it clear my head, I quickly shampooed and then used my conditioner and then my berry burst body wash, I got out and wrapped my towel around my self, I walked in my walk in closet and chose what I wanted to wear, I decided on my pink tank top with my ripped skinny jeans, I got my neon pink watch with some pink and black bracelets, I decided to put my hair in a high pony tail do I put on neon pink hoops, I grabbed my studded pink vans and grabbed Stefans black leather jacket, I grabbed my my superhero backpack and put my phone in my back pocket of my skinny jeans, I walked downstairs where Stefan was drinking coffee and Marni was eating cornflakes,

"Morning," I said as I poured myself some cocopops in a bowl, I poured the milk in and sat next to Stefan,

"Morning, is that my jacket?" asked Stefan looking over to me

"Nope," I said eating my cereal,

"Mine went missing about a week ago," He said eying me suspicously

"A mosquito took it," I said simply

"Why would a mosquito take his jacket?" asked Marni

"To feed it's family, duh" I said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, 

"But mosquito's don't eat..." I quickly cut Stefan off,

"How do you know, huh," I asked, Stefan sighed and put all the necessary things in his bag while I finished my cereal, ha that little son a bun, no one wins a fight with me.




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