Slimy Zygon and Filling in the Gaps.

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I woke up the next morning with a banging head ache, I turned to see the time I noticed it was 12:00, groaning I got out of bed feeling as if I was going to throw up any minute and went to the wardrobe to choose what I was going to wear, I picked a cream off shoulder jumper and paired it with some ripped shorts, I grabbed my undergarments and went to the shower to try and make myself feel better. After the shower I grabbed my hair dryer and dried my hair, I then brushed it trying to tame my dark curls but then soon giving up leaving it out. I grabbed my cream converse slipping them on and then grabbed my phone running downstairs to see Marni grabbing her bag and making her way to the door.

"Where are you going?" I asked her, she turned around to face me and then frowned,

"To the grill with Jeremy, Aura are you feeling ok, you look terrible," She said

"I'm fine, can I come with you?" I asked smiling trying to reassure her, she simply nodded and carried on walking towards the door me following close behind her, when we reached the grill we sat down in the nearest booth,

"Are you ok?" I asked Marni "From yesterday," I carried on when Marni gave me a confused look. She sighed looking down

"I'm fine," she said simply "What about you Aura? you look terrible," she stated looking back at me,

"I'm fine," I said copying her, we just sat in silence waiting for Jeremy and then when I looked up to see Shadow sat there, I grinned staring at my best friend.

"Creepy much?" said Manri shaking her head.

"It's thee only thing he's good at," I said and he looked at me smiling.

"Obviously," she said rolling her eyes "Let me guess, your going to say 'I know where you live' right?"

"No." he sated

"Good." Marni siad simply

"But I do know where you live," he said with a cheeky grin

"Oh my God, can you believe him?" she asked turning to me, I just shook my head amused by the conversation

"At least you haven't been having visions about me, I don't know if you've dreamt about me though, probably have," he said cockily

"How do you know I've not been having visions about you?" she asked confused

"Because I planted them there," he said shrugging

"How did you?" she asked but then stopped herself

"What are you?" she asked

"Not human that's for sure," he said

"Just tell her Shadow," I said feeling worse than before

"Are you ok, you look kind of pale," he said looking worried

"Yeah fine, what is it with you people, do I look that bad?" I asked knowing I did, I felt like a slimy Zygon, I wish I was, because then I would have at least met the Doctor.

"No, no at all," he said shaking his head

"So again what are you?" asked Marni

"It's complicated." he said

"I'm a clever girl, I'm sure I can figure it out." she said

"I'm a crossbreed," he said

"Like a mule?" Manri asked

"I don't really like being compared to mule. But yeah kind of like a mule," Shadow said not carrying on

"And your crossed between?" she said urging him to carry on

"A Witch and a Vampire." he said

"How is that possible?" she asked her face showing disbelief

"My mother was a which and my father a vampire," he explained "Vampires having kids has never been heard of but it happened," he said shrugging

"How are you still the same age?" she asked Shadow opened his mouth to explain but I stopped him interupting

"I'll be back, Just got to go to the reatroom," I said standing up and making my way there. When I reached it I was thankful for it being empty, I quickly walked into the  cubicle feeling my stomach churning, I quickly kneeled down next to the toilet and emptied my insides out. After I was sure nothing else was going to come out of my mouth I sat next to the toilet and cursed the person who invented vomiting, I mean its so disgusting.

I finally got up after 5 minutes of just sitting next to the toilet and walked over to the booth. Shadow and Marni both looked at me with worried expressions, I just ignored them sat down,

"Are you done filling Marni in?" I asked Shadow and he nodded frowning. Just then Jeremy arrived.

"Hey Marni, Aura, Sorry I got caugth up," he said smiling

"Who's this?" he asked motioning to Shadow

"This is Shadow and he was just leaving," said Marni glaring at him,

"Fine, I can take a hint," he said getting up

"Oh, I'll come with you," I said getting up ready to go home, we started walking out when Shadow stopped,

"Oh, and Manri," he said turning around "Happy birthday for next week," he flashed a smile at her and we continued to exit the Grill.

"Aura, I know your not all right," said Shadow as we got half way back to the Boarding house.

"I'm fine," I said smiling weakly looking at him, my vision suddenly got blurry with my head ache increasing, it felt worse than the 2 year Sherlock cliff hanger, that Moffat needs a kick up the ass, an... I really need to work on my train of thoughts, I felt a stab in the brain and I closed my eyes trying to get rid of the pain and when I openeed my eyes again my vision was worse,

"Aura, are you ok?" I heard a faint voice ask as the blackness consumed my consciousness.




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