Chapter 5

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‼️Pics of their outfits for the party above‼️

I wake up still angry at Kevin for what he said to me yesterday. If anyone had a crush it was him, on me!

I went through every period mad.

Anger boiled inside me and threatened to overflow and make me say fucked up, but I know if I said something I'd soon regret it. I can't just sputter out words when I want, so I'll keep it in. For now.

I glanced at the clock. 5 minutes. Only 5 more minutes until I leave this jail they call school.

Please go by fast.

I tap my foot against the hard tile floor until the bell rings, dismissing me from the torture of learning and being near Kevin. Well I'm close to Kevin at home too, but that's besides the point.

As soon as I step outside of the cluttered classroom, I'm greeted by an eager and waiting Rebecca, her short blonde hair practically bouncing and her eyes shining with excitement.

"What's up with piddles?" Aurora asks as she walks up to us, obviously bored.

Becca narrows her eyes at us, "You know I hate it when you call me piddles!"

"Sorry, Piddles." I giggle. She can't help but bubble a few laughs.

"Alright but seriously guys!" She squeals loudly and high pitched.

"You found a name better than Piddles?" Aurora pipes up.

Rebecca groans and rolled her eyes so high they turn white. "There's plenty of names better than Piddles." She pouts.

"Come on tell us!" I yell impatiently. Only a few students linger in the empty halls, and we are some of them.

"You're coming home with me!" She squeals.

I simply have to love her bubbly personality.


"There's a party at Neil Oscar's house tonight and you 2 are coming!" She jumps up and down in excitement.

"Come on Becs! You know I hate parties." Aurora complains.

"I second that," I reply. Not to mention I still barely know anyone at the school and will have nothing to do if I happen to lose either the 2 girls.

It takes awhile of Rebecca's pleading and begging us to come, but eventually we end up at her humongous house.

She drags us into her room and begins rummaging through her walk-in closet. Aurora and I exchange worried glances. This ain't good.

Soon enough, I was watching Aurora frown as Becca tries on multiple different outfits.

We were soon settled with white high waisted ripped jeans, a black crop top that said 'Always hungry' and decided on white low top converse.

Becca startles me when she pulls me from my criss-cross-applesauce position on the bed to stand next to her.

She fiddled with the lines of hangers and pulls out a gray crop top that said 'Fan freaking tastic' with light blue high wasted shorts and a pair of Nike Air Force 1 mid-top trainers.

Rebecca decided on a white bralet and a black skater skirt with mint green vans to wear.

(A/N: ALL OUTFITS ARE ABOVE‼️ lemme know which one is ya fav😎)

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