Chapter 25

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"Because I love you." He said as I began to walk away from him.

I stopped in my tracks.

"Because I knew there was something about you from the minute I saw you." His voice cracked.

I was listening closely to him, zoning out the crickets chirping in the background and the cars on the street whizzing by beyond the trees. I solely concentrated on his voice.

"In your little adorable outfit on the first day of school and the only way I thought I could get your attention was by tripping you when you walked by...and I just knew... When you stood back up and defended yourself there was something new and different about you. I had to hold myself back from kissing you."

I turned around to face him and looked into his glossy eyes. His beautiful eyes.

"I always decided that I couldn't change for you tho, when part of me always wanted to, you know? I wanted to hate you and wanted to love you at the same time and it resulted in never ending pain." He rubbed his face with hands and I watched him intently.

"When I left you I couldn't live with myself. I didn't want my distance to pain you." He had almost lost it by now.

"I love the freckles you have right beneath your eyes. I love the way you mess with your fingers when you're nervous and talk fast when you're embarrassed and the slight sway you have in your step. Don't even get me started on the way you bite your lip when you run your fingers thru your hair. God damn it Bethany I just love you so much!"

That's when it started raining like the cliche movies. It literally started pouring down rain.

My life is the biggest fairytale in the world, and sometimes I take it for granted.

"Kev, I'm so sorry," I cried. I can't do this.

I ran away from him. I love him, but I can't take any of this anymore. The pain, the pressure, none of it.

I lost my balance a few times due to the fact that I hadn't run in awhile but I didn't stop.

The hard cement pounded on my feet with every step and the only sound I could hear was my heavy breathing, thoughts, and the pounding of my moving feet.

All the small puddles I stepped in splashed up and drenched my slippers and pajama pants, not to mention the rain drenching the top half of me.

I ran straight into my house and to my room, ignoring the desperate calls of my mother downstairs in the kitchen.

I turned and locked my door, then putting my back to the door and sliding down the door, head in my hands.

Then I began to sob.


I woke up on a hard surface and with damp clothes and messy wet hair.

I sat up and realized I fell asleep on the floor last night. I sat up and leaned my back on the door, running my hands through my hair. I breathed deeply in and out, in and out.

I could hear birds chirping in the morning air, soothing me slightly.

"Why am I such a terrible person?" I mumbled, standing up and walking into the bathroom.

When I got in a slipped off my soggy clothes and stared at my tear stained face. I sighed loudly and got into the shower. I sat down in the tub and let the hot water hit my skin.

When I got out I dressed in grey sweats with a crop top sweater and a messy bun. I never tried to really look attractive anymore, I mean, what's the point?

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