Chapter 16

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I can't believe this cunt punched me.

Why she do that??

Better question is, why isn't Kevin helping me?

"What the fuck, Brittany." I heard Kevin say.

Everything was a type blurry and I had a headache. I don't like being punched in the face.

I tried to move my head to see what was happening, but I ended up whimpering in pain.

I was pulled to the couch by I think Emily, Lauren, and Morgan.

"Thanks guys," I mumbled, my vision becoming a lot more clear.

"Here's some ice," Daniel looked down at me in sympathy. "I don't even know who invited her. She always causing problems. I'm sorry."

I let out a short laugh. "It's aight. If you ain't got haters, you not doing it right, right?"

"Bethany! Are you aight? Shawty I'm so sorry!" Kevin rushed over to me and left kisses to last me a lifetime, finishing with a kiss on the lips. I heard 'aw's in the background.

"What happened?" I asked him.

"After you came here?" He asked me. I nodded. "I told her off and said she was never my girlfriend and we wasn't in love. I know you're the only one I'll ever love ma."

"You're so cute," I said giggling.

"Lemme see." He said, gently placing his hand over mine, that was holding the bag of ice to my jaw.

I hesitantly removed it, afraid it would be an ugly bruise and he would leave me.

Surprisingly, he did a complete 180. He kissed the spot gently. "You're still smoochie bae." He whispered.

"Cuteness overload!" Morgan yelled and pretended to get shot, falling right on the couch.

I smiled at Kevin and he smiled back.


I walked into my house smiling. I still couldn't believe I was dating Kevin. This feels amazing. Why didn't I let myself fall for him sooner?

"Young lady, where have you been?" My mom asked me, frowning.

"I was at a party," I confirmed. I got a bottle of water from the fridge and started to chug it.

"Are you drunk? And why the hell is there a bruise on your face?!" She asked.

"No mom I'm not drunk." I exclaimed. "You know me! I wouldn't do stuff like that."

"Why is there a bruise on your face?" She asked again. I can't avoid her question.

"Some chick punched me," I shrugged.

"Who took you to this party? Why did she punch you?" She was angry by now.

"Mom, take a chill pill, I'm fine. It ain't that big of a deal, stop turning this into 21 questions."

"Who did you go with?" She asked sternly.

"I went with Kevin."

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