Chapter 22

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Kevin's POV:

"BETHANY!" I screamed as a black SUV hit her. Hard.

My world was frozen. Oh my god.

This is all my fault!

I ran into the middle of the street after watching the car speed off away from her, not hesitating to run over her leg in the process.

Is she dead?

Oh god please no please please no!

I knelt down next to her, afraid to pick her up and damage her fragile body. "B, I love you so much. Please be okay." I said, holding her limp hand in mine and pulling out my phone to call an ambulance.

A pool of blood began to pool out from underneath her. "No no no no no no no," I muttered, hoping it would stop. I didn't wanna touch her and make her worse, but then I wanted to pick her up and kiss her.

I put my ear to her chest and listened for her heartbeat, unable to hear anything. Tears falling from my eyes as sirens sounded in the distance and got closer.

They arrived and pushed and shoved me out of the way.

"She's alive!" One of them shouted.

"Let's get her to the E.R and into immediate treatment. Her life is on the line people!" Another yelled back.

"No! Bethany! Don't hurt her!" I screamed as the ushered her onto the stretcher.

"Son I'm going to need you to go home. We will contact her family." One of them said to.

"How do you know I ain't her family?" I pleaded.

"Are you?" He asked. I said nothing.

"Listen kid, you better answer because whoever she is to you, could die any second and we need to get going." He said sternly with a deep voice.

I shook my head no. And he turned around and left.

The ambulance pulled away and I began to sob.

Why? Why did I have to do this to her? This is all my fault!

I ran to her house.

I knocked loud and obnoxiously on their door.

Her mom answered. "Kev? How are you? How was the trip? Oh honey I'm sorry, you're probably here for Bethany. I'll go get her."

"No!" I yelled.

"Excuse me?" She asked.

"Mrs. West, Bethany got hit by a car. I called the ambulance and she's in the emergency room probably right now." I rushed.

"Wait what?"

"Les go!"

She went upstairs to seal the rest of her family and they all came down, her dad crying. And her little brother Jeffrey asking me multiple questions.

Lisa just assured him and said everything would be alright.

"Kev, you should go home." She told me. "They'll probably only allow family if she's in really bad condition. Come tomorrow if you want." She said walking away.

I sighed and walked home, preparing myself for a fucked up night.


Jordan's POV:

I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. God I can't believe Bethany kissed me! I've liked her for so long as more than a friend and it was just amazing.

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