Chapter 26: Celebration

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NaMi's POV

"Cheers to NaMi's Win!" Our whole class celebrated out in a restaurant with Min saying it'll be her treat. Knowing the fact that I couldn't afford all these yet I'm still thankful of her.

I wanted to celebrate and be overly joyous today but because of that one thing that's bothering me today is keeping me from doing so.

"Will you be my date?"

Ugh!! That again! It keeps on ringing in my head that I couldn't focus at all.
Why does he have to do this to me?!

"Nami, are you alright?" Min asked who's seated right beside me as she took a glance at Sehun because I was unconsciously glaring at Sehun. He then noticed my piercing gaze and smirked add up a wink at me. Ugh.. just when would he stop with those flirtatious looks?

"I don't think I'll be alright this time Min." I say still glaring at him.

"Can't you two just get along well? I mean you won as the president and I expect you to be excited and so for winning but it turns out you're bothered by something. So tell me, what is it that's bothering you?" Here goes Min's sermon, again.

"Nothing's bothering me as usual except for the existence of this jerk who keeps on grinning for some reason." I say almost quite loudly so he would understand how I feel so hellish this time.

I'd rather prefer being his housemaid over be his date of the day. -_-

"Will you be my date?"
He asks

Whut a date?

"Are you insane? Why would I accept such 'chore' to be your date?" I ask annoyed.

"Oh come on. Stop thinking as if we would date for real 'cause I know you're thinking of it that way." He say with a smirk as he wriggles his eyebrows. I'm going to pierce them off sooner. Let's just see Sehun, let's just see.

"Then why am I chosen as your date? There are a lot of possible candidates for that?"

"It's just simple. Didn't I mention to you that my half-brother is getting married?" He asks still grinning

"Uh-huh. Back when we practiced for our performance. What about that?" I responded.

"Do you also remember about me asking for your help to move on from the girl I've had my eyes on?" He asks again. Oh, I think I know where this goes.

"Uh-huh. I remember you asked about that, and what about that?" I asked.

"Well, rise and shine, it's your time to shine!" He exclaimed loudly somehow getting excited with what's going to happen. Ok, I get it now.

"So you're saying that I should be a pretend-to-be-your-date on your brother's wedding because Luhan and the girl is also invited in the wedding, and with that you want to prove to her face that you've got someone else with you. Let me say, you're trying to make her jealous for you, am I right, Mr.Oh?" I say.

"As expected from the genius president. You got it all right. So, what do you think with my plan?" He asks somehow seeking for compliments.

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