Interview With Renesmee09

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Here is the interviw with Renesmee09!


Q: tell us a little about yourself

A:  Hey :) My name's Tiff. I'm 21. Always loved writing because I have a vivid imagination lol. I'm an Aussie, from a small town in New South Wales. I work in a supermarket and I'm a very happy, positive person :)

Q: how did you discover wattpad?

A:  By accident actually. One of my facebook friends posted a link to a story about Renesmee from the Twilight series, and I wanted to read it. The end result? My wattpad addiction haha

Q: what are some of the books you write?

A:  Ok... Well, my favourite book that I've written is One Husband, Two Kids... And I'm Only Nineteen! + My Life, My Love, My Kids. There's the epilogue to the two stories, A Family Of My Own. Raising My Niece is another one, also Regrets 2 (and the original story Regrets: A Teenage Pregnancy Story) Just to name a few.

Q: what inspired you to start writing?

A:  At school, I always loved creative writing. I guess my inspiration came from that. It's always been a passion, but it sort of resurfaces every now and then.

Q: what are you three favourite wattpad books?

A: Hmm... Well, I always loved Bye bye Virginity, Pregnant At Sixteen, with a Vampire's Baby... and probably And The World Stood Still. They were all well written and captured my attention, though I'll read anything :)


Q: what do you think of the what's hot list?

A: Yeah it's pretty good, I have a habit of checking to see what stories of mine are on it hehe


Q: does music help your writing in any way?

A:  Yes, definitely. Big help because it motivates me, and I also get ideas from a line in a song, etc


Q: have you inspired any of your friends to use wattpad?

A: No not yet! But I've shown many of them my stories, and they love them. Need to get them on here

Q: is there anything you want today to your fans?

A:  I love every single one of you, you are the ones who have kept me going and made me happy to share my writing with the world. Thank you :D 


Thank you Renesmee09! dont forget to chek out her books! And fan! Private message me if you want an interview! 

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