Interview With JessicaZhu

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Heres another interview! Go chech her out, JessicaZhu ! :D



Q: What inspired you to start writing?

A: My love of books and my dream of becoming a world famous authour

Q: How did you discover wattpad?

A: I found it on the Appstore

Q: What are you three favourite wattpad books?

A: Life's a Witch, FROST, and The Shades of Alabaster

Q: What do you think of the what's hot list?

A: It's okay, I don't really care about it... @.@

Q: Does music help your writing in any way?

A: Naw, I usually get somewhat distracted when I try listening to music as I write.

Q: Have you inspired any of your friends to use wattpad?

A: No, but I do have some friends that already use Wattpad :)

Q: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

A: Sure. Never give up your dream, no matter what stands in your way.


There you go! Please go check her out! (JessicaZhu)!! :D


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