Interview With Bumblebii21

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here is an interview with Bumblebii21!


A:My name's Katie and I'm kind of new to wattpad. I'm in 7th grade and my favorite subject is Language arts so I love writing and reading.

A: I discovered wattpad because my friends have written books on here and I wanted to check them out.

A: So far I'm writing a book called The Real Life of Emerson Light. I might try to write some more soon though because I love writing and people have been really supportive so far.

A: I was reading a lot of stories on wattpad and I thought it would be really cool if I wrote my own book. I've also loved language arts and writing school so I thought it would be fun.

A: I like The Kissing Booth, The Cellar and Trying Not to Strangle the Bradley Boys. They're all really different and I thinks it's so fun to imagine myself as the main characters.

A: I like that they have the whats hot list but I like reading books by authors that haven't really been descovered yet.

A: Music helps my writing a lot because I listen to songs and the words will inspire me to write aanother chapter or about another character.

A: I haven't been in school lately so I haven't really talked to many of my friends so not yet.

A: I just want to say thanks so much and it means a lot to me that people are reading my book. Its awesome that I can go to bed with no reads and have 10 the next day. It's not a lot but still thanks so much and I love all of you so much!


There you go! An interview with Bumblebii21 !!!! sorry it was so late bumblebii :) hope you likeee :) ahve a great day, and do whever you awesome people do(comment, fan, vote. lol) ;0

~ Sid

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